Feel Free to Live on

During a time when isolation and depression is at an all time high, in a world of uncertainty. Hurt, sickness and adversity is sometimes hard to communicate. Music speaks a universal language. That encourages us all to live on.

Greensboro, NC, April 26, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Recording artist Donnell Isaac has just released his new and awe-inspiring single “Live On.” Through the years he has written and produced some of the most soulful R&B music the industry has seen along with soulful modern Gospel songs that are moving. This new sensational song written by Pierre Williams of Houston, TX and produce by Morgan McRae of San Diego California, crosses most genres and is uplifting, inspirational, and still fills your soul.

In a time when our world has uncertainty in its health, economy, and security, the song “Live On” encourages us to hold on a little while longer. Even if you have been devastated and your heart has been broken, “Live On” encourages you that something greater will be on the other side. This single has a need to be heard by anyone who needs to be uplifted past the current pandemic that is going on and from any set back life may bring.

The music and instrumentation are uplifting and filling. If you are a fan of good music, this song is what you need. This song fulfills the role of true music and will be sung for years to come.

Receive Donnell Isaac with his new single, “Live On”
Donnell Isaac
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