Renowned Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Joins TAMP Inc. Board of Directors

TAMP Inc. is pleased to announce renowned board certified plastic surgeon from Newport Beach California, Dr. Sean Kelishadi, President of SSK Plastic Surgery, is joining the TAMP Inc. Board of Directors.

Los Angeles, CA, April 27, 2020 --( TAMP Inc. is building a global community in Aesthetic Medicine, enabling Innovation, Networking & Technology while leveraging the powerful “WE” (West & East) AMPdr(TM)” online-onsite platform ecosystem for wellness. In an exponentially growing digital age, doctors must now recombine and synthesize diverse new ideas or be left behind. “3rd Culture” Doctors must evolve into “4th Culture Doctor” and together, with TAMP Inc. are building an environment where transformation can begin. Dr. Kelishadi is not only a top surgeon, he is also a technologist, "surgineer" and innovator, and is a perfect fit for TAMP Inc. to help lead and develop strategies as they continue to grow their global community of Aesthetic Medicine Doctors and scale their platform ecosystem.

Dr. Kelishadi says this doctor community and platform ecosystem is truly a "Win Win Win" proposition, going on to say: "TAMP Inc. + Partner-Provider team up co-create learning modules for doctors. TAMP Inc. + Partner-Providers offer short, free interactive experience so doctors can try it out firsthand. Doctors act as expert advisors and co-creators with TAMP Inc. + Partner-Providers, and together we all three co-create custom content for aesthetic medicine. TAMP Inc. + Partner-Provider + Doctors together provide solution in our Community 'Market-Network Marketplace' to other doctor 'Pro-sumer' (Producer + Consumer) and all share in the profits. This is a win-win-win model for all and encourages continued sustainable development."
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