USMenuGuide Partners with Zyppages to Provide Free Restaurant Status & Specials Webpage During COVID-19 Lockdown

By just entering a phone number on USMG or Zyppages customers can instantly view the daily status of a restaurant along with the specific offerings and specials of the day.

Palo Alto, CA, April 30, 2020 --( USMenuGuide a popular online restaurant menu guide, is working with Zyppages is to provide a unique instant display of a restaurant’s current status along with its offerings and daily menu specials.

In this confusing time, it is difficult to learn if a restaurant is open or closed, is it providing full service or just take out, delivery, curbside, etc. With more than 700,000 restaurants in the US changing their status every day it’s not simple to get accurate information. USMenuGuide /Zyppages solves this issue with a very simple on-demand system.

Simple Process
A restaurant can post information in minutes. and then customer can just enter the restaurant’s phone number on Zyppages and learn what’s available; see the menu specials; check serving hours; get the latest take-out, curbside pick-up or delivery status. This is valuable information diners want and it is available on-demand 24x7. If unable to reach a restaurant they can just enter their phone number on Zyppages.

Customers Are Never Disappointed
Since content can be updated by a restaurant anytime in minutes the manger can change any information, offering or specific special. There is no stale information. Customers know exactly what’s available and are not surprised by changes. For example, if a restaurant has a discount for a special sandwich and it runs out of ingredients the manager can delete or replace that offer in minutes. The new offer will be displayed to any customer who enters the restaurant phone number on With this simple process a restaurant owner or manager can change their specials 24x7 from any place anytime.

One-Step Connect
“All customers want to see restaurants daily specials without a lot of effort -- most systems require searching and navigation and sometimes end up at the wrong restaurant but with Zyppages customers can get to the specials in 1-step. Zyppages platform has been a very valuable platform for USMenuGuide users and restaurants. In one easy step restaurants can and instantly publish their daily specials or blackboard specials," Ron Davis, President, USMenuGuide.

Free Service During COVID-19
During the lockdown period Zyppages is offering the service totally free to help diners get fast accurate information.

­How To Get Your Page
For existing customers of USMG, there will be a special link on your existing profile to click directly to your specials page on Zyppages.

Other restaurants can participate and get a free online page. Just go to Zyppages and upload a PDF of your current status and specials. During each specials upload, Zyppages will SMS your mobile for you to control and authorize the upload and posting. Restaurants do not have to register, nor provide an email, nor create and retype passwords. For security, the system works totally on one-time SMS verification codes. If you would like an example specials page please send an email to

Enhancement To Any Existing Marketing Programs
Zyppages is not a replacement or in competition for any advertising or social media; it is an enhancement. USMG links to most social media platforms so the status & special page created on Zyppages will be displayed everywhere.

Voice Mail Becomes Sales Tool
When someone calls to inquire about latest status or current specials the message on voicemail can give callers a phone number to use on Zyppages. No lost customers, no phone tag, no delays in providing information. A missed call becomes a sales opportunity.

About USMenuGuide – Based in Pensacola Florida, USMenuGuide is an online restaurant guide featuring full menus, picture, specials and profiles. Users can search for restaurants with kids’ menus, military discounts, ½ price wine nights, student discounts and more.

About Zyppages - Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Zyppages provides a patented connection-engine communications platform for personal and business brands and their customers. It instantly delivers target pages without unnecessary search and navigation steps.

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