New Channel for Processing Company A-IBSLV for Credit Cards Acceptance

A-IBSLV announces receipt of a new Asian channel for credit card acceptance.

New York, NY, April 18, 2008 --( Processing and billing services provider A-IBSLV announces its new Asian channel for credit card acceptance. Now without the 3D SEC module, the passability on the company’s clients’ websites will increase significantly. This option will improve quality of the provider’s present clients’ services and enables attraction of new companies engaged in e-commerce.

Processing and billing services of A-IBSLV are intended for middle and small business structures conducting their business online. Due to permanent technical support to its clients, Industrial-strength security screening and Fraud and Risk Management services of the company possess guaranteed security and safety for its clients over secure socket layer (SSL) or dedicated lease line.

You can learn more about the A-IBSLV advantages on the company’s website or ask your questions on the hotline at +1 (312) 239-0877

A-IBSLV is a reliable, innovative Internet credit card processing and billing provider that accepts all major credit cards. Since 2000, the Company has been making substantial investments in research and development of computer programming. As a result, e-commerce payment and security services of A-IBSLV are now among the most advanced in the industry. A-IBSLV offers the service that helped thousands of companies to get approved for Internet Merchant Accounts. It provides access to an Open Source Internet credit card Payment Gateway with super fast credit card transaction processing speed, 100% uptime reliability, superior technical support and merchant account services.

Carol Potter
+1 (312) 239-0877