CROC Discloses Top 5 Features Requested from Cloud Providers by Foreign Businesses in Russia

CROC Cloud Services, a business unit of CROC, a leading Russian IT company, presents the survey- and research-based observations why foreign customers go to Russian cloud contractors and what requirements they set. CROC Cloud Services interviewed over 30 major customers from the retail, FMCG, and IT development sectors and analyzed socio-economic context of the Russian cloud market, including business openness to switch to remote work mode due to COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

Moscow, Russia, May 01, 2020 --( Foreign users in Russia are noticed to look for a reliable full-fledged business partner, rather than just a contractor acting in strict compliance with a contract. As both the number of such customers and their average cloud bill increase, creating productive relations based on mutual respect is a goal to achieve. Along with, the top 5 features requested from cloud providers are observed to be mostly psychological:

Efficient support. No one is immune to errors; therefore, a cloud provider should be able to promptly identify and eliminate them.

Open to dialogue. Foreign customers highly appreciate a provider’s willingness to discuss tasks and jointly solve problems to prevent them from ever happening again.

Flexible. A provider needs to adapt to its customer’s modus operandi in a cloud because of two reasons. First, each infrastructure is unique and thus requires an individual management approach. Second, not every aspect of cooperation may or should be agreed upon and recorded in advance. In a tricky situation, a good service provider will meet its customer’s needs, thus proving its customer-centric attitude.

Friendly. A service provider needs to share work rules of and keep in close touch with its customer. For many companies, networking is as important as business communication.

Proactive. Businesses come to cloud providers for expert evaluation and expertise, which they do not have in house. A cloud provider should recommend a customer what to do and how.

"Foreign customers turned to Russian cloud providers in 2018. Of course, many of them located their data here before that, but the blocking of Amazon IP addresses in 2018 made them realize that hosting personal data of Russian users in violation of the local legislation may result in significant IT and business system downtime, as well as financial and reputational losses. Today, virtually all non-residents say they transfer data here to meet the requirements of Federal Law 152 'On Personal Data', which is completely understandable as they are the first to fall under the spotlight of local regulatory authorities. Moreover, these businesses already have an established data handling practice, because Western countries, particularly Europe, have been following similar, and in some respects harsher, laws much longer than we do. Therefore, they understand such initiatives and are ready to abide by law," Maxim Berezin, Development Director, CROC Cloud Services, explains.

The customer commitment level in Russia is estimated as high. One of the possible reasons is a variety of cloud providers. While the U.S. has just a couple of key players and China only one, Russia can boast of at least 15 or 20 enterprise providers, including 10 very large ones, each accounting for over one billion rubles in annual revenue. The pandemic crisis has increased the demand for cloud solutions for remote work significantly.

About CROC Cloud Services
CROC Cloud Services is a standalone business unit at CROC, a leading Russian IT company, that offers cloud services, managed В2В services, and commercial off-the-shelf products. The unit specializes in hosting and supporting customers’ business-critical services based on CROC’s proprietary platform and data centers, which are compliant with Uptime Institute Tier III “Gold Certification of Operational Sustainability” standards. In addition, the company is one of Russia’s Top-6 IaaS providers (CNews, 2019) and the most mature cloud service provider (TAdviser, 2018), offering the number one cloud platform in terms of flexibility and ease of use (TAdviser, 2017). Consequently, over 300 industry leaders entrust their services to CROC’s cloud.
Anastasia Voronkova