Dingtone Launches a Mobile-Based Faxing App to Help Cope with Working from Home

Dingtone, a renowned VoIP service provider with more than 100 million users worldwide, has launched a new faxing app on April 22, 2020. The brand-new app helps remote workers send fax documents through mobile devices.

San Jose, CA, May 02, 2020 --(PR.com)-- The COVID-19 outbreak is affecting the life of millions of people and businesses globally as countries are going on lockdown, and business operations are challenged. With more people working from home, avoiding going outside and looking for better solutions to improve their working efficiency, finding the right remote work tools has suddenly become very important.

Dingtone, a renowned VoIP service provider, recently launched a new utility app, which allows users to send fax documents simply with smartphones. The new app is described as “Fax from Phone – Easy Fax.”

Regardless of the cumbersome process and quite expensive costs of traditional fax, it is still widely used in business and governments because faxing is a more secure and reliable method to send and receive authentic signatures, official documents, legal documents, and more.

However, not only is a nearby accessible fax machine can sometimes be hard to find, but just going out looking for delivery service stores can be very dangerous during a pandemic.

The new app involves the use of the internet and mobile devices rather than using fax machine hardware and phone lines, which makes it much easier to send fax documents.

Users will be able to send an image or document with a cover page to the recipient’s number following simple steps. The app also features a conveniently condensed interface for professional customization.

Released in 2014, Dingtone has been voted the best free calling and texting app by its loyal users worldwide. The new app is expected to be a significant addition to the already solid communication services of Dingtone.

“Remote work had gone from a rare scenario of workforce arrangements to a new normal and standard component of many people's workweek, even before COVID-19 coronavirus disrupted our normal life,” explained a senior spokesperson from Dingtone. “We see great potential in essential tools for telecommuting as remote workers desire to simplify their working process.”

“The idea behind the brand-new app was to help people minimize security vulnerabilities and improve efficiency,” he added. “Meeting the needs of users by providing applications based on demand is what our team dedicate to.”

Fax from Phone, the latest initiative of Dingtone’s development team, is available now for iOS. It is a free download if you want to check it out. To download the app from AppStore, please visit https://apps.apple.com/us/app/fax-from-iphone-easy-fax/id1505283564

To find out more about Dingtone, please visit http://www.dingtone.me/

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