Byndr Inc. Offers Their Enterprise Version for Free to Help Colleges Through COVID-19 Impact

The Byndr Enterprise Version will help universities and colleges navigate their courses through the COVID-19 impact. It helps teachers, students, and administrators to collaborate on a single platform from remote locations. As the Byndr App is user-friendly and doesn’t require any setup costs, colleges can easily integrate and use it immediately after signing up.

Hyderabad, India, May 06, 2020 --( In order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, a lockdown initiative has been taken up by the government. All businesses, companies, universities and other sectors are feeling the heat of the lockdown.

Most companies have opted to work from home to continue their services. Even colleges can continue educating students and completing course work amidst the lockdown using the learning management system (LMS).

To support each other through this crisis and facilitate the online learning process, Byndr has announced they will provide their Enterprise Version for free to all existing and new colleges.

Previously, only the open app was free which provides access to collaboration between teachers and students. While the Enterprise version provides access to administrators of the colleges as well and other custom integration via biometrics.

Speaking on this decision, Founder Satish Nampally says, "Byndr was founded with a vision to bridge the gap between teacher and student. This collaboration has become even more important in this lockdown period. So, we have decided to provide our Enterprise version for free to help the educational institutions through this crisis.”

With the Byndr App, teachers can extend their guidance, complete the curriculum, take assignments and assess student’s performance from their location. Students can download the study materials, take assignments, interact with fellow students and continue their studies without any interruption. College administrators track the attendance, teachers and student performance remotely as well.

Tteachers can stir up tasks and/or projects through Byndr LMS to keep students focused. This encourages them to move towards success even in these unfavorable times.

Byndr is a cloud based platform, there are no hidden costs, server maintenance or setup costs.

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