Wallencore Announces the Launch of Eduprosper, an e-Learning Platform Dedicated to Working Professionals

Ottawa, Canada, May 06, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Wallencore, Inc., a provider of innovative cybersecurity solutions, software testing, and digital education, is delighted and proud to announce the launching of an e-Learning platform dedicated to offering premium online courses to working professionals.

The new platform, called eduprosper, will provide online courses from renowned institutions around the world with a particular focus in the areas of information technology and management. The fundamental goal of the project is to remove physical barriers to qualitative education by collaborating with various institutions to select, design, and deliver premium online courses in high demand industries. In an increasingly digitalized society, eduprosper will provide its students with the tools they need to climb the ladder of success.

At the moment, eduprosper has partnered with two prominent institutions, namely PECB University and Wallencore Academy. PECB University is a Washington-based institution committed to providing an experience that spawns its students’ intellectual horizon and helps them to acquire various primed skills for successful adaptation in the business world. Wallencore Academy, on the other hand, is an Ottawa-based educational institution dedicated to providing diverse offerings on the field of information security, thus contributing to filling the skills gap in the sector. With these two partner institutions and many more to join, eduprosper will offer its students an unforgettable learning experience.

“Having a clear understanding of the constant threat and the severity of cyberattacks as well as the skills gap in the information security sector, the concept of eduprosper came to life. However, eduprosper won’t only offer online courses in the field of information security but will extend its reach in many other fields,” said Faton Aliu, CEO of Wallencore, Inc. “We have put hard work and great passion into this project; hence we envision eduprosper developing as a platform and setting the bar for quality education worldwide,” he further added.

About eduprosper

eduprosper is a brand of Wallencore Inc., dedicated to transforming conventional education by providing premium online courses from various institutions around the world.

eduprosper aims to remove physical barriers to qualitative education by collaborating with renowned institutions to select, design, and deliver premium online education. eduprosper envisions to continually set the bar for quality education, provide a wide range of online courses, and manage in such a way that our certificates offer added value to our students, who will return their investment to the betterment of their community and beyond.

eduprosper believes that the success in fulfilling our mission is highly dependent upon and a product of the quality and our invaluable methods of providing digital education. Those values are; respect for students, commitment to quality service, creativity and innovation, and student empowerment.

About Wallencore

Wallencore employs industry-leading practices in the fields of cybersecurity solutions and digital education. The Canadian-based company provides a full suite of cybersecurity services and solutions that help define cybersecurity strategies, identify and mitigate attack vectors and vulnerabilities. To meet the demands of the ever-evolving cybersecurity environment, Wallencore has expanded its scope to providing online courses on edge-cutting technologies.

Wallencore strives to offer our clients the highest quality services by passionately working toward empowering organizations to reevaluate their stance on cybersecurity critically.

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