Exxelia High-Q Ceramic Capacitor Series is Designed for Medical, Scientific and Industrial Uses

New Yorker Electronics Releases Exxelia Technologies MLCC Series with Low ESR, Ultra High-Q and High Self-Resonant Frequencies

Northvale, NJ, May 06, 2020 --(PR.com)-- New Yorker Electronics has released the newest series of Exxelia CH High-Q RF & Microwave Capacitors. The CH Series offers capacitance options ranging from 0.1pf to 1000pF with voltages from 50V to 1500V. Designed for use in medical (MRI), scientific, industrial and cellular base stations, the series is available in low ESR, ultra High-Q and high self-resonant frequencies.

The CH High-Q ceramic capacitor is a chip capacitor for surface mounting. It is available with non-magnetic copper or nickel barrier and tinning. Ribbon leads are also available for surface mounting. Circuit applications for the series include DC to RF Conversion, matching networks and tuning, coupling and DC blocking.

The CH Series is one of several Exxelia MLCC capacitor supplied by New Yorker Electronics, and all are designed with P100 or ultra-stable NPO dielectric. For high power, high voltage applications such as MRI, NMR, RF generators for laser, plasma applications, power filters, Exxelia has developed the CP Series and CL series.

The Exxelia NHB Series is a complete High-Q range of MLCC based on NPO dielectric material. The material provides a very high Self-Resonant Frequency and limits the parasite Parallel Resonant Frequencies. NHB series particularly fits for high power and high frequency applications such as: cellular base station equipment, broadband wireless service, point-to-point/multipoint radios and broadcasting equipment.

The Exxelia CNW Series is a multi-layer ceramic capacitor for HF and RF applications. Designed primarily for power communications, these chip capacitors are available in a wide range of solderable terminations. Lead options include gold on nickel barrier, dipped nickel barrier, silver ribbon leads or tinned copper leads.

Important features of the Exxelia SH Series of RF Capacitors include it having the lowest ESR in its class with the highest working voltage in its class (1500V). The series is used in cellular base station equipment, broadband wireless service, point-to-point and multi-point radios and RF generators.

The Exxelia SHR-SHD Series is a 500V Reverse Geometry Capacitor with a very high self resonance frequency. This enhanced reliability MLCC with nickel a barrier and tinning has an operating temperature up to 175°C. The Exxelia SPT519, CAW and CEW Series have a very high volumic power while demonstrating low losses. Designed for military markets, these dielectric power ceramic capacitors are used in power communications.

CH Series Features & Benefits:
· Low ESR, Ultra High-Q, High Self-Resonant Frequencies
· RF & Microwave capacitors
· Voltage range: 50V - 1,500V
· Capacitance range: 0.1pF - 1,000pF
· Operating temperature up to 125°C (175°C in some sizes)
CH Series Applications:
· Cellular Base Station Amplifiers
· Industrial
· Medical (MRI)
· Scientific

Exxelia Technologies (formerly Eurofarad) is a designer and manufacturer of complex passive components and precision subsystems: ceramic, plastic film and mica capacitors, filters, position sensors, slip rings and precision mechanics for high technology applications: Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Space, Rail and Oil Exploration.

New Yorker Electronics currently has the ceramic broadband capacitors available for orders. NYE is a franchise distributor of Exxelia Group supplies its full line of Film, Mica, Tantalum, Aluminum Electrolytics and Ceramic Capacitors as well as its EMI/RFI Filters, Magnetics, Position Sensors, Slip Rings and Rotary Joints.

New Yorker Electronics is a certified authorized distributor of electronic components, well known for its full product lines, large inventories and competitive pricing since 1948. New Yorker Electronics is an AS9120B and ISO AS9120:2015 certified source of capacitors, resistors, semi-conductors, connectors, filters, inductors and more, and operates entirely at heightened military and aerospace performance levels. It also functions in strict accordance with AS5553 and AS6496 standards — verifying that it has implemented industry standards into everyday practices to thwart the proliferation of counterfeit parts. It is a member of ECIA (Electronics Component Industry Association) and of ERAI (Electronic Resellers Association International).
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