Integrated Investment Research Announce New Phone App

Tokyo, Japan, May 07, 2020 --( Integrated Investment Research announced today that they are working on a new phone app which allows their clients to facilitate live trades from any hand held device.

Micheal Turner Director of Marketing at Integrated Investment Research will spearhead the development of the app and he has the following to say. "Right now the app is in research and development stage. Integrated Investment Research have already brainstormed all the features we would like the app to include such as live trading of Stocks, Futures, Derivatives, Crypto, etc. But we are also looking at teaming up with a banking facility to provide clients with an ATM card that they can directly withdraw money straight from their trading account meaning they do not have to transfer money back to their own bank account."

Chief Operating Officer Riccardo Maeyama also spoke about the app today adding, "Look it is a work in progress and we have a lot of that to do before we can achieve full launch of the app. However we are working very hard to reach that point. We are talking to a number of international banks right now as we believe in this day and age it is so important people are only an ATM trip away from their investments because if the last 5 months have taught us anything it is that we need to be ready for anything and part of that is being able to access your investments immediately. Our target is to have this app ready for the public by the end of this year."
Integrated Investment Research
Michael Turner