Wheeleez Beach Cart with Low-Pressure Balloon Wheels

Wheeleez Beach Cart with low-pressure balloon wheels (2psi) make transporting heavy gear over soft sand a breeze. The wheels are soft and glide over the sand rather than dig ditches through the sand.

Benicia, CA, April 17, 2008 --(PR.com)-- New to 2008, Wheeleez, Inc., North American Distributor of Wheeleez® products, introduces a new, bright orange tub color for the Wheeleez® Beach Cart. The lightweight, spacious tub is made to carry heavy, awkward items over most any terrain especially soft, fluffy beach sand and other unstable, uneven ground. It’s ideal for the beach, ball fields, even yard work.

This cart features Wheeleez® balloon wheels that will not sink or plow into soft ground like sand, mud or grass. The folding handle, foot prop and detachable wheels allow quick disassembly for transport and storage. The Wheeleez® Beach Cart makes the hard work of getting to the perfect spot a breeze.

Features include:

Wheeleez ® 42cm balloon wheels with quick clip pins for easy attachment and/or detachment

Marine grade anodized aluminum handle and foot prop

Wide wheel base to ensure extra stability

For additional information contact: Trina Franck (trina@wheeleez.com)

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