Innomaint CMMS Presents a Webinar on Preventive Maintenance Automation

Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, May 16, 2020 --( Ms. Sharon Rose from the Business Development team of Innomaint CMMS will present a free online webinar about preventive maintenance and its automation on 19th May at 4 pm to 5 pm IST through Zoho to teach facility owners & maintenance managers the purpose of automating preventive maintenance during a critical time.

Benefits of this Webinar

This webinar is a gateway to learn the significance of preventive maintenance and its automation and relate how this will contribute to the sustenance and progress of business.

At the end of the webinar one be clear on:

* The importance of preventive maintenance during the post corona era.
* The purpose of automating PPM schedules.
* Other value added benefits.

Why Preventive Maintenance Automation

As everyone knows that the maintenance and unwavering quality groups are clever, skilled and profoundly qualified people. That implies their time could be going to waste when it is spent on the clerical tasks that keep the preventive maintenance program going.

The more automation one can acquaint with the preventive maintenance (PM) plan, the less time the group should waste on keeping the wheels turning, leaving them free to finish work orders and get the assets/equipment running easily when they need them. This is to avoid mentioning the accuracy one could have with a good maintenance automation plan.

This objective — more and better preventive maintenance automation plan — is attainable with the correct strategy and a cutting edge Enterprise asset management (EAM) or Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). While maintenance automation may not be accessible for plants with essential work order systems or maintenance reporting from spreadsheets, an advanced EAM or CMMS can give the intrinsic segments important to make automation a reality.


If interested in this useful on demand webinar, register seat via and know the importance of preventive maintenance during this critical time.
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Yadhavan Dharmarajan