How a New Local Residential Window Tinting Company Survived & is Surviving the Pandemic - Elite Tinting and Glass Cleaning

Elite Tinting and Glass Cleaning is a new local business that started at the beginning of 2020. In January, ready to fulfill the American dream, Elite Tinting and Glass Cleaning's founder set out to start his own company in the residential and commercial window tinting industry. Little did he know it would be harder than normal to start and keep this business running for the black swam economic tsunami that was to come. This is how a new local company is managing to survive it.

South Daytona, FL, May 16, 2020 --( Everyone has heard the statistics - 9 out of 10 businesses fail. Well, that is the case under normal circumstances. Even in shining days, starting a new business, maintaining that business, and growing it can appear to be an insurmountable task.

So what does that say about a business doing that during the bad times?

Elite Tinting And Glass Cleaning is such business. The owner started on January of 2020. Not only that, but he has been working on growing his company during this pandemic. Something that most would not even think to be rational.

But the owner has a secret - the secret weapon he's been using to survive and grow in this economy.

What is that?

From day one he focused on the customers. Exceptional quality of product and even more exceptional service. It sounds cliche, doesn't it? But in an industry where your service is not an essential need, providing a service so good that people actually like working with you, happily recommend you, and end up with a satisfied feeling that they made the right choice is the biggest secret weapon you can have.

This allowed Elite Tinting And Glass Cleaning to quickly get more customers asking for their service and when the pandemic first hit, it didn't put a full stop to the business right away, giving them time to adjust. Matt Prescott, the founder, being as customer focused as he is, decided to offer extra services that would add value to the home window tinting customers so that they would keep coming. Window cleaning is such a service. The pandemic has made everyone a germ freak and what better way to help keep people's homes germ free than to clean make sure your home is clean and germs are removed, if any exists.

Another secret to Elite Tinting And Glass Cleaning growths is that they focus on the things they can control and keep their eyesight on the future. While the pandemic is going on, something they have no control on, they are focused on the things they can control like how can they attract more customers now and in the future. In that sense, they have continued on improving their online presence and Google indirect advertising through SEO and other methods.

While some other businesses seem to have stopped in time, they have never stopped investing in the future. As a result, since the pandemic they have gone from a small website that you couldn't find on Google to ranking on the top at the maps for 4 out 5 of the cities they serve. This means they can capture more of the mark and puts them in a prime position to grow once the pandemic is gone, or slows down enough to reduce the restrictions.

Good quality, exceptional service, and keeping your eyesight on the things you can control and the future. That is how a new local business has been able to survive and grow during this pandemic.

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