Transatlantic Sea Scouts BSA Launches Sea Scouts Online Suite to Help Ships Deliver Asynchronous Learning Experiences in the Time of COVID-19

Any Sea Scout Ship can now offer interactive, rank-relevant, and multi-disciplinary online learning experiences to their youth.

Mountain View, CA, May 19, 2020 --( The Transatlantic Sea Scouts BSA announces the release of a suite of online collaborative learning solutions that enable Sea Scout Ships to meet the unprecedented challenges posed by the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Built using Google Sites and Google Classroom, the Sea Scouts Online Suite gives Sea Scout Ships the power to deploy asynchronous online learning environments that can be used to integrate the advancement and training resources of the Sea Scouts BSA.

“The Sea Scouts Online Suite enables Sea Scout Ships to deliver interactive learning experiences that unleash the transformative potential of Fourth Industrial Revolution-enabling technologies,” says Michael Walsh, Mate of Programs of the Transatlantic Council. “This includes providing adaptive, collaborative, and individualized learning experiences that meet the specific needs of each and every Sea Scout - even those living under quarantine.”

With the Sea Scouts Online Suite, adult leaders can resolve many of the problems associated with the tangled web of online websites, social media platforms, face-to-face meetings, and online trainings that are currently used to deliver virtual learning experiences aboard Sea Scout Ships.

"To realize the full potential of Scouting at Home, we need to restore the balance between synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences,” explains Dr. Jose Lepervanche, creator of Sea Scout Online Suite. “Right now, there is an over-emphasis on synchronous learning experiences for Scouts. This makes sense. Video-teleconferencing technologies are widely available, inexpensive, and easy to use. But those technologies are not very effective at delivering the asynchronous learning experiences that are at the heart of the Scouting Experience.”

“That is where the Sea Scouts Online Suite can help,” continues Dr. Lepervanche. “The Sea Scouts Online Suite leverages free, off-the-shelf, online learning platforms that are already being used by schools and universities to effectively deliver asynchronous learning experiences to millions of youth around the world. Utilizing these technologies, Sea Scout Ships can restore the ability of their Sea Scouts to learn and progress at their own pace under the mentorship of their adult leaders and award counselors.”

The Sea Scouts Online Suite is comprised of three interrelated solutions: 1) Sea Scouts Online Campus; 2) Sea Scout Collaborative Master Room; 3) Sea Scout Ship Learning Room.

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For over 100 years, Sea Scouting has promoted better citizenship and improved members’ boating skills through instruction and practice in water safety, boating skills, outdoor, social, service experiences, and knowledge of our maritime heritage. The Transatlantic Sea Scouts BSA delivers quality sea scouting programs to an increasing number of youth through trained, motivated volunteer teams supported by a dynamic, energetic team of career scouters and administrators with adequate funding to sustain the scouting program now while building for our future. The Transatlantic Sea Scouts BSA serves the European, African, Middle Eastern, and Central Asian areas that fall under the Transatlantic Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

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