MedAware Systems Launches Comprehensive AI Surveillance for Adverse Events and Published Medical Literature

Boulder, CO, May 28, 2020 --( MedAware Systems’ Science of Health Informatics (SOHInfo) subsidiary is offering the first surveillance system that reports daily Events from leading regulatory databases along with newly published articles in the medical literature for pharmaceutical and medical device products. This unique combination provides far faster and deeper insight into public reporting on medical products.

SOHInfo Surveillance provides a full complement of intuitive charts to easily reveal trends, over time, by various adverse event categories for individual products or entire product groups, including competitive products. A complete library is provided for all articles found on specific products. The library is easily sorted, and articles can be selected for review. Literature reporting includes publication rates and article types, such as ICSR/Case Studies.

“Our AI-enabled Surveillance service monitors literature repositories and adverse event databases worldwide to keep clients updated on potential issues with their products, as well as their competitors’ products,” said Zung Vu Tran, PhD, Founder and Chief Science Officer. He continued: “Surveillance uses proprietary API's that retrieve data from the registries and literature repositories as they are reported. Where many regulators update their public portals quarterly, SOHInfo Surveillance provides alerts on these events months before the regulators, giving our clients a significant information advantage. Our value is the speed and completeness of the information we provide.”

About MedAware Systems, Inc.
MedAware Systems, Inc. is a next generation medical research data company that empowers Pharma and Medical Device companies with all available evidence from published clinical trials research and AE reporting repositories. The Company utilizes a combination of Human and Artificial Intelligence to make the vast body of clinical data instantly available and indispensable for fully understanding the safety and efficacy of medical treatments and devices.
MedAware Systems, Inc.
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