Everybody Learns for Free with Janets’ Free Course Programme

Janets is the hub of interactive online education for people with a knack of learning new skills.

London, United Kingdom, June 03, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Every day learners gather in Janets platform with the aim of learning something new, earn accredited certificates and boost their professional lives. But Janets feels there are more avid learners who it can’t reach yet.

Janets believes in access to quality education for anyone and everyone. With people spending more time at home all over the world and their increasing demand for e-learning, Janets feels the urge come forward with easy access to education for all. As a part of their learner’s community outreach, Janets is launching a campaign with free courses for avid learners and it’s called “Everybody Learns for Free.”

How to Get Free Course from Janets

The process is simple and straightforward. Interested learners can follow the link below and fill out a simple form with the necessary information. Then an email will be sent to him/her with further instructions. By following this, the learner will be able to enrol for free and start learning right away.

Grab a Free Course -www.janets.org.uk/everybody-learns-for-free/

Enjoy learning new skills with Janets!
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