WikiLocks Announces Release of New Home Office Security Solution to Assist with Remote Workers as Part of COVID-19 Response

New York, NY, June 04, 2020 --( WikiLocks is pleased to announce the official release of its home office worker security solution to ensure data security & compliance for all remote users across Microsoft and Adobe applications at rest and in transit. Mark Sterle, Director of Sales leading the Security & Content Encryption group for the North American marketplace commented, “This was a rapid response and adaptation of our current security suite offering that enabled us to drive security for remote users during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, we are thrilled at the fast turnaround and robustness of this offering as it compliments our enterprise solution with single pane of glass management for all users. It’s truly an honor and a pleasure to be a part of such a groundbreaking and disruptive solution and help companies keep employees and their data safe & secure during and after the COVID 19 threat, ransomware attack or file breach,” Sterle says. “To protect at the content level inside documents is the final frontier for hackers and we’re here to make sure that data is protected, at rest or in motion, for the life of the document.”

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About WikiLocks:
WikiLocks enables businesses to freely distribute and share information with confidence that their data will be protected throughout its lifecycle… on any device, anytime, anywhere. It is an Information Security Software Suite that applies protection to portions of the content within unstructured data as its created. Once its protected, it remains protected throughout its lifecycle. It secures sensitive content while retaining the ability to share the data that business, people and processes need. Access privileges follow the content no matter how it is sent, copied, pasted or attached.
Mark Sterle