VoicePulse Helps Local Business Save $40,000

Brand new VoIP solution more Cost-Effective than Upgrading Existing System.

Jamesburg, NJ, April 21, 2008 --(PR.com)-- VoicePulse helps an IT director at Hail & Cotton make the switch to VoIP and in the process saved over $40,000. Tres Ransom, the IT director at the tobacco distribution company in Springfield, TN, was put to the task when his company's phone system needed an overhaul. The choice was between simply upgrading the current system or installing one himself using Voice over IP (VoIP).

Tres was concerned -- would this even work? If so, how much time and money would it take? It turns out, he was not only able to do it himself but also saved his company over $40,000.

"If it had not been for your service I could not have come up with a successful solution to the outrageous costs we were staring at," Ransom wrote to VoicePulse, the VoIP provider he selected. He describes Hail & Cotton's move to a VoIP-based system from its old Centrex-based one and the impact it had. He estimated costs of simply upgrading and licensing were as much as $64,000. Ransom began to research and experiment with Asterisk (free PBX software) and Trixbox (Asterisk with an easy-to-use web interface). Ransom decided on implementing Trixbox 2.4 CE and using VoicePulse’s Connect for Asterisk service for incoming and outgoing calls. The estimated cost of this solution was $25,000. Not a hard decision to make based on figures alone, but it’s not what sold Ransom on using VoicePulse -- it was the customer support and quality of service he experienced during his free trial.

"We’ve grown from a small operation to over 10,000 SMB customers in the last five years while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction," says VoicePulse’s CEO Ravi Sakaria. “VoIP has been around long enough that businesses are aware of its low cost but have yet to make the jump. They’ve learned that Internet-based services need to be reliable and if problems arise, they need to be able to get in touch with someone knowledgeable.” BroadbandReports.com, a site that ranks providers based on independent customer reviews, awarded VoicePulse’s service its gold medal award when compared with over 20 providers. VoicePulse has received the BBR gold medal every year since it began offering service in 2003.

After setting up a Trixbox PBX using VoicePulse service at work, Ransom took his experience home. "I have been so impressed that I am rewiring my home and converting my home phone setup to use the test system I have been experimenting with at the office. I will continue to be a personal client also," says Ransom.

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VoicePulse is a New Jersey based communications company that uses its VoIP network to deliver advanced features and high-quality phone service to residential and small-business consumers. The company leads the industry in delivering innovative features and excellent customer service. For more information about VoicePulse, visit voicepulse.com. VoicePulse is a trademark of VoicePulse Inc.

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