Complete Concrete and Masonry Warns of Dangers of Retaining Walls in Woodstock GA

A 74-year-old woman has died as a result of a retaining wall collapse. What can be done to prevent this?

Woodstock, GA, June 06, 2020 --( A 74-year-old woman has died as a result of a retaining wall collapse.

The retaining wall fell outside a senior independent living facility on Lincoln Ave. about 2:30 p.m. Sunday. It fell apart during a ton of rain. The poor women was buried under a ton of rubble. The emergency response team was able to free her but sadly she died in the hospital the next day. While this occurred in Port Washington, Milwaukee— the danger is real for all Cherokee County residents.

Poorly designed retaining walls can cause them to collapse. Sadly one woman paid the ultimate price for this with her life.

Police said the city building inspector is investigating this to see whether the wall met the building code requirements. On the other hand, the senior living facility is blaming weather for the collapse.

Why do retaining walls collapse and what can be done to prevent this?

Matt Cook of Complete Concrete and Masonry has over 10 years experience in repairing collapsed retaining walls in Woodstock Ga. Matt reports, "There are several reasons for retaining walls to collapse. First of all is insufficient drainage. When a retaining wall does not have sufficient drainage weep holes water collects and the wet soil adds considerable weight that could cause it to collapse as seen here."

He continues, "Sometimes the retaining wall is built too high. This also causes a danger of it collapsing under the weight of the soil and water behind it. That is why we suggest tiered retaining walls to prevent this from happening to our customers."

Finally, he shares, "Then there is the matter of experience. When an inexperienced contractor or DIY homeowner builds a retaining wall they may use improper materials for the job, build the walls too high, install insufficient weep holes for drainage and build a wall that leans over. All of these problems can cause danger for a family member or pet and thousands of dollars of property damage."

Matt concludes, "We have repaired many faulty and collapsed retaining walls in Woodstock Ga over the last 10 years. Sometimes the repair is simple other times the entire wall has to be dismantled and rebuilt again to meet the safety code. The best advice I can give is to hire a Woodstock retaining wall contractor that has experience, referrals and photos of their work. Ask for proof of insurance so that you get a reputable contractor that specializes in retaining walls in Woodstock."
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Matt Cook