Digital Scent Startup Aromajoin Launching the Aroma Shooter® New Version, an Aroma Emitter That Synchronizes Scent 1:1 with Video and Audio

Japan startup Aromajoin releasing its new version of flagship device, Aroma Shooter® this July. This new version incorporates USB, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi communication media. Intensity control and easy cartridges swapping are also new features compared with the previous version.

Kyoto, Japan, June 07, 2020 --( Starting July 2020, Japanese digital fragrance startup Aromajoin will officially launch the Aroma Shooter® new version, the company's flagship technology, designed to emit scents in real-time with video and audio. Pre-orders are available now.

The Aroma Shooter abandons outdated vapor-, steam-, and mist-based diffusion mechanisms, which prevents the Aroma Shooter's scents from lingering or mixing together unintentionally. It is the nearest thing to digitally-reproduced scent someone can experience in 2020.

Compared with the first generation, the new version of Aroma Shooter improved in three-fold. Firstly, the new version provides three communication media, namely USB, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi, which means it is possible to connect to the device from almost any platform, desktop PC, smartphones, XR HMDs and so on. Secondly, the new version allows intensity control, which helps blending scents at a precise ratio. Finally, cartridge swapping in this new version is just as easy as plugging a USB memory into PCs.

In celebration of the launch, Aromajoin is sponsoring Hackaroma 2020, a virtual, scent-inspired hackathon, spurring innovation with the device. Livestreams of Hackaroma demos will be hosted on June 19th.

More details about Aroma Shooter new version can be found here:

Since 2012, Aromajoin has created more than 350 digital scent solutions for more than 150 clients in a variety of industries, including virtual reality (VR), flavor and fragrance (F&F), retail, and digital signage. Aromajoin's clients include IFF, Denso, Panasonic, Kao, Shiseido, NHK, and Positron.

About Aromajoin Corporation: Founded in 2012 in Kyoto, Japan, Aromajoin Corporation produces the world's most advanced aroma delivery systems, serving the needs of over 150 enterprise clients in retail, cosmetics, F&F production, entertainment, XR, and neuroscience.
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