Digital Scent Startup Aromajoin Introducing Digital Fragrance Signage as Part of Its Standard Scent Solutions

After completing several successful pilots, Aromajoin is standardizing Aroma Signage, the company's scent digital signage solution. - August 26, 2020

Aromajoin's Digital Scent Hackathon Successfully Featured the World's First Long-Distance, Scent-Broadcasting Experience

On June 19, 2020, Japanese startup Aromajoin hosted the final pitch event of "Hackaroma," the company's and the world's first digital scent hackathon. - August 17, 2020

Digital Scent Startup Aromajoin Releases Its Coveted Olfactory Technology to the Public Through "Scent for All" Campaign

In August, Japanese startup Aromajoin holds a sale to celebrate the launch of its matte black Aroma Shooter, a new version of the company's flagship product. - August 07, 2020

Digital Scent Startup Aromajoin Launching the Aroma Shooter® New Version, an Aroma Emitter That Synchronizes Scent 1:1 with Video and Audio

Japan startup Aromajoin releasing its new version of flagship device, Aroma Shooter® this July. This new version incorporates USB, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi communication media. Intensity control and easy cartridges swapping are also new features compared with the previous version. - June 07, 2020

Aromajoin Announces Six Finalists for Its First Ever Digital Scent-Inspired Hackathon, Hackaroma

Hackaroma is the world's first scent-inspired hackathon. It has decided six finalists for the next development round. Those six projects include a fantasy RPG with smell-infused game mechanics, aroma-enhanced VR experiences, a scent-based Pavlovian productivity tool, a hands-free diffusion interface, and an olfactory-culinary narrative journey. The final pitch event on June 19th will be the first time ever of scent data livestreaming. - May 30, 2020

Digital Fragrance Startup Aromajoin is Giving Developers One Month to Invent Smell-O-Vision, Among Other Scent-Inspired Projects

Japanese startup Aromajoin is inviting developers around the world to submit their ideas for one month working with digital scents. Besides smell-o-visions, there should be tons of other scent-inspired ideas. - May 21, 2020

Japanese Digital Scent Startup Aromajoin Introduces Hackaroma, the World’s First Scent-Inspired Hackathon

Aromajoin Corporation is calling for participation into the world's first scent-inspired Hackathon, Hackaroma. Talented developers and students from Japan and the US are invited to work with digital scent IoT device, Aroma Shooter®. This will be the first time ever for livestreaming of scent data. - May 06, 2020

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