Balaka B. Ghosal, The Green Writer, Pivots During the Pandemic - Speaks at Global Platforms to Emphasize Personable Communication for Circular Economy

Even though the pandemic pressed the pause button for the world, Balaka B. Ghosal recognized this time as the right juncture to pivot into speaking. She voices the need for effective communication to popularize eco-friendly businesses in society. Speaking from virtual, global stages, and working on her upcoming book, Balaka is working on bringing Circular Economy to the centerstage.

Houston, TX, June 18, 2020 --( The pandemic prodded Balaka B. Ghosal, The Green Writer, to sit up and recognize this health crisis as a strong warning sign of environmental decay.

"Far from venting any stress on social media, I pondered on the new normal that would evolve after the pandemic. Just like forest fires help the lodgepole pine seeds break out of their resin-coated seed-cases, I took this opportunity to pivot as a speaker," she said. Balaka spoke at the Spin Up Innovation Summit 2020, a global event organized in May, from Amsterdam.

The theme of the event was the circular economy - its prospects and challenges. A total of 63 experts from around the world shared different perspectives. Balaka used her experience as a story-telling copywriter to speak on "The Consumer's Point of View." The target audience was eco-friendly businesses rethinking ways to engage their prospects.

Based on the modern circular economy models, Balaka believes "these businesses have a promising role to play in the post-pandemic new normal."

Balaka is getting ready to speak at the INFER2020 (July 1-3, 2020) on The Art of Selling the Circle - popularizing circularity with new-age communication and outreach.

Balaka is wrapping up a book project on this same theme of promoting circularity and eco-friendly choices across the country by presenting the unique story of ecofriendly businesses in conversational writing styles to captivate the audience and build trust, and optimizing the online tools for the sales funnel.

Balaka has been living a low-waste life, adding more steps over time. She composts, uses a rain-barrel to water plants, nurtures a pesticide-free native garden, and reuses pretty much everything. “It's a little more work, but it's all worth it. What I apparently seem to give up makes for the deferred benefit as it weaves a legacy for future health of the world's children,” she said.
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