SmartCone Releases a New Intelligent Power Supply to Industrialize IoT

A powerful Industrial IoT Ecosystem on the Edge for System Integrators.

Ottawa, Canada, June 20, 2020 --( SmartCone Technologies, Inc. has released a new industrial power supply that addresses integration issues when deploying IoT on the Edge. This new power supply ideal for system integrations who need a solid power solution that will support a wide power input range and can be installed in factories, on vehicles and more. The power supply is part of SmartCone’s Click-IoT modular line up.

With an impressive range of 9V-60V DC and a maximum power output of 96W to include high current handling up to 8A continuous, SmartCone’s power module is truly unique in the IoT world. This industrial, easy to integrate edge device includes intelligent features like battery monitoring, remote kill switch, power fail indicator, and last gasp commands with notifications for graceful shutdown. With these capabilities added to your IoT stack, customers can drive both low-power microcontroller board and high-performance single board computers giving the ability to support a wide range of sensors, cameras, communication and computing systems including GPUs for AI inference on the edge.

When paired with SmartCone’s intelligent backplane, it is ensured all of the above sensors are unified into a coherent stack. Containing Ethernet, USB and Power capabilities, the Backplane allows to quickly add new devices to our Click-IoT stack while allowing for easy communication between devices and power management.

About SmartCone

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