Compression Socks from SocksLane Offers 2020 Mid-Year Discount

Portland, OR, June 26, 2020 --( SocksLane celebrates their 2020 midyear success by offering a discount for their compression socks. New stocks of compression socks just arrived from the factory for the midyear sale. CEO and co-founder SocksLane, Amanda Dixon, said, "We would like to give back to our customers especially the healthworkers by giving them a discount this midyear.It is a way of us showing our appreciation for their continued support amidst the crisis that our country is in."

The year has been both great and challenging for SocksLane according to Amanda. They have received about 1600 reviews to date and have launched 2 new products. Their current average rating in Amazon is 4.85 stars in the last 6 months. Amanda said, “We are proud of what we have achieved as a small business.” Their products are designed for men and women with circulatory problems or varicose veins, women who spend long periods standing, sitting, traveling, or people who want to take care of their legs and feel more energized. The catalog also said that their products reduce swelling without compromising on style are the ones who patronize their products the most.

SocksLane compression socks are made of natural fibers unlike other compression socks available in the market which are well known for causing rashes and discomfort. These compression socks from SocksLane are hypoallergenic and are made using a blend of 65% Natural Combed Cotton and selected high-quality stretch fibers following the company's proprietary manufacturing process.

For a limited time, the company is offering a 10% discount on the new collection. You may visit their Amazon page to know more.
Amanda Dixon