HPMU, Hybrid Power Management Unit, the Portable Power Solution for Battery & Alternative Energy Systems

The Hybrid Power Management Unit (HPMU) is comprised of both batteries and capacitors fo improved power performance and battery life cycle.

Cranston, RI, June 25, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Scientists and engineers at ESL have developed a solution to improve performance of alternative energy systems and extend the life cycles of typical battery systems. The HPMU, Hybrid Power Management Unit combines the strength of a high-power capacitor and a high energy battery using a power management board to integrate the two. This combined technology enables the battery system to operate at a reduced rate with the recharge and peak-assist of a high-power capacitor. The results are an improved lifetime, reduced battery heating, and extension of the cycle life of traditional battery systems alone.

The Hybryd Power Management Unit is particularly applicable to portable communication devices. This hybrid power operation allows batteries to operate at a lower current level so that the operation can be achieved and the battery life is extended. Once the battery is exhausted, they can be replaced. However, the hybrid unit can be used again, repeatedly. Electro Standards Laboratories can produce a hybrid unit customized for whatever Super Capacitor (SCap) element is required. The battery is sold separately, allowing use of a customer supplied battery.

Extensive work has been done allowing the HPMU to support military communications load profiles such as SATCOM and SINCGARS. Additionally, the HPMU has been integrated into unmanned underwater vehicles hybridizing the thruster load used for station keeping or depth control which experiences pulsed loading on the order of 100W to 150W. Further applications with larger systems have utilized upwards of 250kW using lithium ion capacitors in a different hybrid architecture providing load leveling support with successful completion.

Other applications for this technology include:

Wave Energy Harvesting
Recharging stations for UUV (Unmanned Underwater Vehicles)
Augmentation of Solar Power
Sonar Listening Stations
Weather Monitoring Buoys
Wave Monitoring Buoys
Tsunami Warning Stations
Port Monitoring Buoys

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Tina Corticelli, Media Manager
Electro Standards Laboratories
Electro Standards Laboratories
Tina Corticelli