WWG, Italian Agile Software Company, Celebrates 20 Years of Activity and Changes Everything

Many talk about agile methodology, lean thinking and the Kaizen principles in relation with optimization of production processes. But how far can these theories go to change the ways in which you work and the business realities in which you do it?

Monza, Italy, June 29, 2020 --(PR.com)-- 2020 has been a year of zero for many people forced to reorganize their business strategies in a short time. WWG, software house located in Monza, to celebrate its anniversary is completely transforming itself.

Since its foundation, the mission of WWG s.r.l. has been to pursue a model of flexible innovation. The company has developed in parallel with the expansion of its customers, becoming immediately a partner of excellence for the design of sites, the development of mobile apps and the creation of e-commerce business.

Ever since there were very few employees, WWG s.r.l. has been open to innovation in its production processes, combining "Lean Thinking" (lean thinking). For this reason it has always focused on creating a continuous flow of value, on the constant contribution of improvement of its business processes, so as to be ready to face sudden variations, interruptions, slowdowns or waste. In accordance with its values, it has also been able to offer its customers "agile" services capable of bringing quality, quick-to-use models, continuously optimizable strategies and very high technological standards.

That’s why today, twenty years after its foundation, the company has decided to go beyond its limits and totally reinvent itself: new corporate headquarters, new team, new website, new international collaborations, new processes, new way of communicating.

Statement Mohamed Deramchi (CEO, WWG srl):
"WWG deals with software, develops code according to state-of-the-art practices and theories. This approach permits completely recreates the company. It's the fisrt operation has ever been done. WWG loves the agile methodology. The key question is: how to really improve? The software house analyzed everything, but just everything. The result was a radical change. As good entrepreneurs, it's useful consider the time available every day and the relationship with people. Nothing is more important than hiring the right manager. At the end of my days I think I bet on people, not on a platform or a strategy. Everything is becoming easier than expected by telling my new collaborators, from the first interviews, where WWG wants to go, how we can get there together and revealing a new method."

Focusing only on innovative projects able to generate value and results immediately WWG srl in recent years has managed to build relationships of trust with its customers. These are the areas he deals with:

Customized software development (great focus on security, performance and scalability). Lean-Agile, Devops, Q&A Testing and many others are used in all stages of development. It also takes advantage of platforms and frameworks such as Angular 2+, Reactjs and Node.js, creating reliable and high-performing front-end, back-end and API services.

Mobile App (design and construction of native and hybrid mobile applications)
An agile and flexible approach is adopted during all phases of app development, ensuring the scalability of products and their adaptability to all platforms and operating systems.

The speed in the development of our mobile applications is given by the use, during development, of programming languages such as Kotlin, Swift, Typescript and a framework of mobile applications such as React Native.

E-commerce (creation of professional sales and e-commerce sites with structural analysis of user experience and strategy to improve traffic and conversion Kpis). WWG specializes in the creation of fully customizable platforms for all sectors and adaptable to every specific need. WWG has gained expertise since 2000 operating in national and international markets, implementing all the evolutions capable of improving the performance and purchasing experience of the user including that of payment (WWG was among the first to use the payment through the servers of Banca Sella)

Startup Consultancy (WWG works with new companies in their growth phase and guide new innovative start-ups to discover their potential). During the initial phase of the start-up consultancy, the WWG team meets the start-up company team to know the project thoroughly and estimate the costs of building a first prototype.

Info and contacts
WWG does not just turn customer projects into reality, but takes their dreams to heart. Working with WWG means feeling personally involved and feeling the feeling of putting all your energies into achieving common goals.The main objective is to accompany customers to the discovery of the infinite possibilities of declination development of their idea, showing them also new and unexplored horizons. WWG is a software development company that for years has been a reference point for those who want to design and realize Mobile apps, E-commerce, Web apps, software with specific needs and payment gateways. For years it has been helping startups in the valorization of their technological and digital investments.
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