Empowering Sale Calling: Salesmate Introduces Power Dialer

Charlotte, NC, June 28, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Salesmate recently introduced Power Dialer as its new feature that will help its customers improve their overall sales calling efficiency.

Power Dialer lets customers dial a bunch of contacts one after another without any manual efforts. This feature holds the potential of improving sales rep efficiency by 2X.

What does Salesmate Power Dialer do?

Users have to select all the calling activities that they want to complete in a raw and create a Smart Queue. Salesmate Power Dialer automatically dials all the selected contacts one after another so sales reps don’t have to manually dial each.

Users will be automatically taken to the relevant record screens, so the caller can get the details about the deal before the call. There is a specific second of wait time between each call, so the caller can prepare for the conversation.

While this queue is running, users can take actions like pausing the queue, skipping calls, completing & rescheduling activities, etc.

Power Dialer is a part of Smart Queue

Power Dialer is one of the use cases of Smart Queue. Salesmate users can choose a bunch of activities (any type) and run them in a sequence.

Smart Queue has the potential to design an entire day of a sales rep who not only has to deal with calls but much more than that.
Mehul Shah