"What do Black Holes Eat for Dinner?" Fun and Fact-Filled Space Book for Middle Grade Readers

"What Do Black Holes Eat for Dinner?" by Dr. Grant Tremblay and Katie Coppens. The book is written for the curious middle grade reader and is brimming with lighthearted astronomy trivia.

Boston, MA, July 01, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Tumblehome, Inc. today announced the worldwide launch of "What Do Black Holes Eat for Dinner?" A book filled space facts from the mind of an astrophysicist and brought down to Earth by a middle school science teacher - all in response to kids’ clever questions.

Ever wonder what happens if an astronaut burps? What would happen to a spider on the moon? Does it really rain diamonds in the universe? Some of the answers are shocking, some are kind of gross, and others get a little grim (the spider does not fare well in the moon scenario), but they work toward one goal: they make space come alive.

But there’s a lot to learn in its pages beyond how far you could kick a soccer ball on the moon or what would happen to your pee in outer space (for the record it would boil and then freeze). Coppens hopes the books will teach kids about the enormity of the universe and the importance of asking and thinking deeply.

“We’ve written this book to get kids curious and excited about space and learning. The book is written with humor, but the answers are filled with fascinating facts that engage kids. The Tumblehome Team has proven to be a great partner on this journey.” - Dr. Grant Tremblay and Katie Coppens

Dr. Grant Tremblay is the head of the Lynx X-ray Observatory Science Support Office at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, while also supporting Flight Operations for the Chandra X-ray Observatory. Katie Coppens’ 18 years of teaching range from a self-contained third grade class to high school biology and volunteering in Tanzania.

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Tumblehome, Inc. is dedicated to inspiring kids’ love of science through the power of story. The catalog includes STEM fiction and nonfiction works for kids from 3 years of age to 12+. Tumblehome has garnered many accolades for their titles. Several books have received the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) – Children’s Book Council (CBC) Outstanding Science Trade Book award, one title has been named a Junior Library Guild selection, and another was dubbed the INDIEFAB book of the year by Foreword Reviews. Most recently, their first art book received an Independent Book Publisher Award (IPPY). Tumblehome, Inc. is a non-profit headquartered in Boston.
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