Offers a Unique Partnership Opportunity

The first book in the series is a free download on all platforms, including Amazon and is currently receiving approximately 150 new downloads per week. It is ranked #40 in the mystery action fiction category on Amazon.

Las Vegas, NV, July 02, 2020 --( is a brand new genre of books, called a continuum series. When the book ends, the story doesn't. In between the fictional character's adventures in virtual reality, The Writer and Victoria live and interact with the real world. Get to know them in real time as the story continues and fiction becomes reality.

That "reality" comes alive via a free website, which is also the title of the book. The website is actually several websites in one. The story continues on the Continuum website. But there are also conversations between the two main characters, the continuation of a blog begun in the book, and a podcast between The Writer and a friend in the real world. There are also plans for a Zoom interaction hosted by the author, and much more to come.

The current book is a free download on all eBook platforms, including Amazon. All future books in the series, will also be free downloads. This opens up an opportunity for a broad readership base with varied interests. The fictional characters in the book can interact with any product, service, or venue. Location is not a problem because the characters can be anywhere in the world in the blink of an eye. They can interact in any way you wish because the website is dynamic and can change, according to your needs, within 24 hours.

Partnerships are available for all upcoming books, the integrated website, podcasts and Zoom events.
Mark Jacobson