ProKorp Launches AI-Powered Corporate Compliance Software for Singapore Secretarial Firms

ProKorp is a powerful AI-based corporate secretarial compliance platform, which enhances a Singapore company’s efficiency by 200 percent. The software streamlines the entire workflow using 8 different modules.

Singapore, Singapore, July 04, 2020 --( COVID-19 has changed the business world, as we know it. Now, every company is looking to make working from home as easy as possible. They are also on the hunt for convenient and compliant, digital solutions for all their corporate secretarial needs. Here, Singapore’s ProKorp comes to the rescue, with its freshly launched subscription solutions.

Winner of Singapore’s SME Digital Leap Award 2019, ProKorp is a powerful AI-based corporate secretarial compliance platform, which enhances a Singapore company’s efficiency by 200 percent, which streamlines the entire workflow using eight different modules.

These include ProKorp Secretary, which is a secured and simplified corporate secretarial task management system, capable of extracting information from ACRA - Singapore’s company regulator - anytime anywhere.

Another important module is ProKorp Immigration, which tracks and monitors work pass applications, expiry and renewal statuses easily.

Then there is ProKorp AutoDoc, which generates the complete statutory set of documents in one click, ProKorp Biliing for sending invoices and monitoring collections, ProKorp HR for managing payrolls and employee leaves, ProKorp Analytics for generating accurate financial reports, ProKorp Tickets for email integration and client support, and ProKorp Due Diligence for conducting real-time diligence on clients after scanning large databases.

“Our experience of over two decades of providing corporate secretarial services to companies in Singapore tells us that there are several common issues every firm struggles with. Inaccurate and unreliable reports, no automated reminders, costly paper-intensive processes, storage of data in multiple systems with office-only access, time-consuming data-entry, and no due diligence function, to name a few,” said Mandy Geok, Chief Commercial Office of ProKorp.

That’s why, after rigorous internal testing, and several iterations, the company is now launching ProKorp’s subscription with basic, professional and enterprise packages, which will be very beneficial to corporate secretarial firms, law firms, and any Singapore company looking to do its corporate secretarial function in-house.

“Depending on what package you choose – basic, professional or enterprise, you get access to few or more of ProKorp’s modules. But the advantages remain the same. You can use ProKorp’s paperless, cost-reducing digital platform from anywhere anytime. It can generate credible reports, agreements, proposals, and invoices; as well as file annual returns with ACRA, improve client engagement and relationship, and do due diligence on your clients. Moreover, you get 24/7 access to centralised records and secured database,” added Geok.

Summarizing the benefits of ProKorp was the company’s Chief Technology Officer Manish Asani, who noted, “ProKorp makes a Singapore company’s office totally paperless; it automates all your routine mundane tasks so that you can focus on growing your business; it generates smart reports with data visualisation to help you make intelligent and well-informed decisions; and takes care of your customer-relationships so that they always feel valued.”

“As one of our customer Joanne Kong, who is a corporate secretary herself, says, ProKorp is smart to use and intuitive. It simply transforms a corporate secretarial firm to thrive in today’s digital era.”

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