Unity in the Community: Proactive Event to Facilitate the Change That is Needed in Our Communities

Unity in the Community is a free event with NBA coaches, players, local legends, and others putting on a clinic then games for 9th - 12th graders playing with policemen and firemen as coaches. We believe that it is only when people get to know each other as people rather than by race or occupation, that is when true change will happen. A mentoring program following the event will further solidify relationships, allowing the law enforcement to know the people in the communities where they serve.

Grand Rapids, MI, July 05, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Event Title: Unity in the Community

NBA, Local Legends, Police Department, Fire Department

When: Wednesday, July 15, 2020 4:00pm-7:00pm

Where: Martin Luther King Park, 900 Fuller Ave, Grand Rapids, MI

Who: Dennis Bell, formerly with the New York Knicks, Recreational Debut
Michael Pops Sims, Union HS and Marquette University, 616 Elite
Kim Sorrelle, owner of English Hills Events Center, Director of Rays of Hope

Guests: Jim Boylen, Head Coach of the Chicago Bulls
Marcus Bingham, Catholic Central and Michigan State University
Bryan Foltice, Tri-Unity, Calvin College, Europe
TJ Meerman, Coopersville, CMU, Coach Catholic Central
Grand Rapids Police & Fire Chiefs

Possible Guests: Chris Kaman, Tri-Unity, CMU, LA Clippers, Lakers
Bo Outlaw, formerly with Orlando Magic
Nick Anderson, formerly with Orlando Magic
Greg Kelser, MSU and formerly with the Pistons
2 or 3 Chicago Bull Players and Assistant Coaches

What: Unity in the Community is planning a basketball clinic, short seminar on scholarships, 50 9th-12th graders split into 10 teams playing on five courts with policemen and firemen as coaches. Wanting to be proactive, Unity in the Community is a peaceful event facilitating the change that needs to happen. Relationships are key, policemen getting to know the kids in the community where they serve, the kids getting to know the police officers, seeing people as people with names and families rather than a people group, will change the dynamics, change attitudes, and change the way things are done.

In collaboration with the police and fire departments, a mentoring program will follow the event so that the officers can stay in contact with the kids and build a deeper relationships.

Feel free to contact me for any additional information. Thank you.

Contact: Kim Sorrelle, ksorrelle@gmail.com, 616.318.7378
Unity in the Community
Kim Sorrelle