New Book by Alberto Ambard: "Dogma, A Red Door, And A Birthday"

Adelaide Books announces the release of the novel, "Dogma, A Red Door, And A Birthday."

New York, NY, July 07, 2020 --( Adelaide Books is proud to offer the latest work by Alberto Ambard Dogma, A Red Door, And A Birthday hitting stores everywhere now.

Dogma, A Red Door, and A Birthday, set in Oregon, is about the reunion of Leah and Adriel, a mother and daughter separated when at age fourteen, Adriel escapes home to avoid being forced into marriage by her father Richard. The day of her eighteenth birthday, urged by a feeling of loss, Adriel decides to find her mother. Four years have changed her. She is now a blue-haired punk rocker with a girlfriend lover and a big bouncer friend. Together, they embark on a road trip to Baker City, where Leah and Richard reside. The same day, Richard is also eager to get home. He suspects that his wife has been speaking with an attorney behind his back, to leave him. In reality, Leah has been talking to a support group. She was a victim of forced marriage at thirteen and has been molded for the role forced upon her. Throughout the day, the three main characters expose their side of the story and their emotions, all the way until they converge at Richard’s and Leah’s house, and a new sinister secret is uncovered.

Alberto Ambard divides his time between writing and practicing maxillofacial prosthodontics. He co-authored High Treason, a novel Adelaide Books recently re-published. His short stories have appeared in various publications. His love of music and diverse background are often exposed in his writing. A descendant of French, American, Spanish, and Venezuelan families, he grew up in Caracas, a city of immigrants Isabel Allende said to have given her a sensual vision of the world. He also lived in Capaya, a remote Afro-Caribbean village. While in the Amazon, he interacted with tribes largely unknown to civilization. He later lived in contrasting Birmingham, Alabama, and Chicago. Mr. Ambard received the José Félix Ribas Medal for his achievements in collegiate and international karate. Currently, he lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and children.

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