LV99: Final Fortress Out Now

Patrick Wunsch (Great Potion Games) has released his new game on Steam today. In LV99: Final Fortress, players jump right into a JRPG finale, fighting fearsome bosses with legendary equipment and powerful skills.

Bielefeld, Germany, July 10, 2020 --( Even the most epic JRPGs tend to start mundane. The protagonist is a 16-year old boy from a village far afield where he goes to school with his childhood friends and little educational ambition. After an inciting incident, it takes many hours of walking through forests and caves and ruins fighting slimes and bats and spiders until the game finally starts handing out some decent equipment and throwing some harder-hitting mythological beasts at the player.

LV99: Final Fortress is different. "This game starts in the final dungeon," says creator Patrick Wunsch. "The party is fully equipped, ready to take on two ancient gods, one to be found in each wing of the title-giving fortress." On their way, the three heroines fight a number of minor bosses and gain even better pieces of equipment which not only raise stats like strength and magic, but also provide powerful skills. The key to victory is knowing which pieces of equipment and which skills synergise especially well with each other.

The game is available on Steam, currently at a release discount of 40%. Press and content creators are invited to contact Patrick Wunsch via e-mail to request a free Steam key or an interview.

LV99: Final Fortress is the third game developed and published by Great Potion Games. The first game called Game Master was released for free in 2014, its expanded and streamlined remake Game Master Plus was released on Steam in 2019. There are already plans for the fourth game. It will be developed with the new RPG Maker installment, RPG Maker MZ, which was partly revealed just a few weeks ago and will be released this summer.

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