GENINVO Celebrates Its Anniversary

Bloomington, IL, July 10, 2020 --( A year ago, GENINVO was carved out of a CRO to provide innovative technology solutions and services to the life sciences industry to enable them to deliver drugs faster with higher quality and cost-efficiency. Today GENINVO is partnering with all sizes of Biopharma companies around the world and we are on our way to being the #1 recognized partner for software solutions and services for the Biopharma industry.

GENINVO CEO Shweta says: “We are excited to be headquartered in Bloomington IL. This town is a great fit for our company, and I see a long-lasting relationship with the community.” GENINVO's journey from inception as an independent company has been a remarkable one. GENINVO has set an exemplary standard with their work ethics and dedication. The successful growth of their company is a direct result of their employees and their passion to excel. It is their sheer commitment that drives GENINVO's operation day in and day out and has built enormous confidence in their clients.

Asked about her plans for the future, Mrs. Shukla said, “Modernizing the pharmaceutical industry is the Mission of the company. We are growing each day and working hard on enhancing our products and developing new solutions to achieve the mission geared towards Pharmaceutical companies located all around the world. Our team is a perfect combination of professionals with expertise in life sciences, leading-edge technologies and software development. This gives us the edge to provide truly innovative and transformative solutions and services to our clients and to the entire industry, to help bring life-changing treatments to patients faster.”

By choosing to be headquarters in Central IL, GENINVO puts Bloomington on the map for providing a home for a one of kind company known for their technology all around the world.
Shweta Shukla, CEO
1408 E. Empire Street
Bloomington, IL 61701