Jennifer Juan Explores a Vintage Sound on New EP, Hunnymoonin'

London, United Kingdom, August 03, 2020 --( Time travel may be a long way off, but writer, musician, and host of Alphabet Radio's Diverse Verse, Jennifer Juan is taking us back to the 50's and 60's with her upcoming EP, Hunnymoonin'. Exploring the sounds of eras gone by, Hunnymoonin' tells a love story, with all the twists and turns of real romance.

The lead single, You've Lost Me, is a girl group inspired anthem, with a defiant drum beat that sticks in your head, and fierce, feminist lyrics, has already amassed thousands of streams across platforms, and other standout tracks, such as the playful Jealous Eyes and title track, Hunnymoonin', a lush, doo wop ballad, come together to weave a bittersweet but beautiful narrative, about the realities of love, in today's world, with a gorgeous vintage sound.

Speaking about the new record, Juan said, "This is the kind of music I've always liked the most, so I wanted to have fun, and create something new."

In the style of Amy Winehouse, Juan takes aspects of of greats such as The Supremes, The Skyliners, and The Beach Boys, but adds her own magic, to create a stunning homage to the artists who paved the way for today's musicians.

Hunnymoonin' is available from all digital music stores and streaming services, on Underground Wonderland Records from the 28th of August 2020, with the Deluxe Edition being available on Bandcamp.

About Jennifer Juan

Jennifer Juan is a writer, musician and content creator, currently residing in the Kent countryside, but dreaming of the ocean. A tornado of darkness and delicacy, Juan creates engaging and powerful projects, using a variety of mediums and platforms, each dripping with her signature playful, yet powerful style of writing.

A University Of Greenwich graduate, Juan began sharing her work on her personal website, before releasing several volumes of poetry, including the critically acclaimed “Home Wrecker,” and her latest collection, “Confessions of a Self Aware Manic Pixie Dream Girl” along with several musical projects, including the recent dual poetry and music release, “Deus Ex Machina.”

Juan also hosts the podcast “Sincerely, Jennifer x,” an immersive look at poetry, current events and lifestyle, along with the spoken word poetry radio show, Diverse Verse, for LGBTQUIA+ pop up radio station, Alphabet Radio, as part of the award winning Soho Radio.
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