Musik Tent™ Patented Instrument Humidor with Built-in, Adjustable Frame Available for Distribution

Musik Tent™ is partially fabricated and assembled in the USA and is aimed at the consumer who wants a low maintenance humidifying solution for their guitars, violins/fiddles, violas, mandolins, ukuleles and their cases.

Center Valley, PA, July 14, 2020 --( Origineer Design was established in 2015 to innovate and improve everyday products. The founder, Damon DeBusk, is an experienced engineer and manager for over 40 years. On November 13, 2018, a US Patent was granted for the humidification method employed in Musik Tent™, a string instrument related, low-maintenance product intended to humidify wood instruments such as acoustic guitars and their cases.

Some benefits over existing solutions are listed here:
· Maintains String Instruments at Uniform Humidity​​ in the 50% RH Range
· ​Humidifies Entire Instrument
· Moisture Source Never Touches Instrument
· No case needed
· Stores, Displays & Humidifies Full Size Guitars and Other String Instruments
· ​Instruments are Quickly & Easily Accessible
· Capos, Tuners & Straps May Remain on Instruments
· Eliminates Smell & Hassle of Maintaining Room Humidifiers
· Unit May be Placed in Closet for Those Not Wanting to Their instruments Displayed, Using Floor Space, or Exposed to Visitors, Pets, Kids or Sunlight.

The slogan for the device is “Wet It & Forget It.” Damon DeBusk states, “The design works well and distributes humidity uniformly in the 45% to 55% RH range. Depending on how much water vapor you want to be released, you expose more filament. Best of all, you’ll only need to refill once or twice a year.”

Origineer Design is a pioneering company that seeks to create awareness for its cigar humidifier by working with key influencers and retailers. The company is open to working with individual influencers of any size and eager to find reseller partners both large and small. Companies and influencers can contact Origineer on the company website.
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