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Prime Loyalty LLC

Domain Brokerage Firms Prime Loyalty and Grit Brokerage Have Been Awarded the Exclusive Contract to Broker the Premium Domain Names and

Established domain brokerage firms Prime Loyalty and Grit Brokerage have teamed up to bring the super-premium digital assets and to the market. These premium domain names represent an incredible opportunity for businesses in areas like CRM, SaaS, marketing, legal and computing.

New York, NY, August 06, 2020 --( Prime Loyalty and Grit Brokerage, with staff located in New York, Florida, and Colorado and with contacts spread across the globe, are perfectly aligned to market and negotiate the sale of these “category defining” digital assets. In addition, this team will facilitate a seamless transfer of ownership to whomever is destined to acquire these valuable plots of internet real estate.

Exact Match domain name assets such as and ensures businesses will position themselves in branding, marketing, SEO, email security, and trust in this digital space. One word .com domains names command authority and these high value assets are exceedingly rare.

As the world is dramatically changing in 2020, digital real estate is becoming even more highly sought after. People are focusing more time and resources toward online business, shopping, social meetups, and educational purposes than ever before. The need for a valuable, short, one-word domain name continues to rise. Last year, sold for $30 million dollars. ( and are 25 and 23 year-old domain names and were originally registered back in 1994 and 1996 respectfully. These category defining domain assets will take command of any digital space surrounding a B2B or B2C company looking to elevate to a highly authoritative and easy to recall brand. These assets will increase sales, decrease marketing costs, enhance brand awareness, accelerate growth, and enable a company to be found, remembered, and referred more easily.

Similarly, many companies have upgraded or added to their domain portfolio and have achieved significantly higher valuations. For example, Doorbot upgrading to before selling for $1 billion, acquisition by HomeDepot, and acquired by the largest tire retailer in the world DiscountTire, Gannett acquiring the business at an enterprise valuation of $2.5 billion then valuing the domain name itself at $872 million to name just a few.

Already this year, Grit Brokerage has brokered the sale of premium domain names and and co-brokered the highest reported sale of 2018 moving for $3.5 million to the Intercontinental Exchange. They fully expect to see the powerful domains, and find a new home this year as well.

About PrimeLoyalty: Prime Loyalty is a full-service domain investment and web development company specializing in premium domain name brokering, domain consulting, web development and branding. Jeff Garbutt of Prime Loyalty states, “Our company is built on relationships, loyalty, and expertise. We have been in the domain business for almost 19 Years and we value professional judgement and always put our client’s interest first. Most successful businesses rely on their clients to drive sales. How would you leverage these powerful assets?” For more visit: Domain Brokerage at Prime Loyalty at

About Grit Brokerage: Grit Brokerage specializes in marketing, negotiating, and acquiring domain names and existing web businesses. A 2015 “Domain Broker of the Year” nominee, Grit Brokerage delivers world-class customer service by streamlining transactions with personalized attention. For more visit:
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