Dingtone Reaches New Record of App Usage in Q2 as Pandemic Boosts User Engagement

San Jose, CA, July 16, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Dingtone, a leading VoIP service provider, announced today that the subscription revenue of the app hit the record with the data surges 55% in Q2. The usage of Dingtone app also achieved year-over-year growth of 25%. The significant increase is mainly a result of lockdowns all over the globe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

According to the latest research report of Dingtone, the coronavirus-related lockdowns are resulting in a huge spike in voice calling, as people are relying on smartphones more than ever to reach out to their friends, family, companies and public services. Calling friends and family to stay connected can be helpful and necessary during the lockdown phase since self-isolating can be difficult and stressful for many people.

Also, people depend on phone calls to reach out to banks and businesses to gain services amid a pandemic when going outside can be risky for health. Some well-known banks in Indonesia, such as Bank Mega and Bank Danamon, recommended their customers to call the service center of the banks and get access to services using Dingtone app. The cost of the contact form is very cheap or even free, while customers can get connected to the bank stuff and solve related problems quickly and effectively.

Although the lockdown and physical distancing help prevent the spread of COVID-19, unfortunately, the past few months saw the economic recession caused by the lockdown extension, with many people lost their jobs and can hardly afford living expenses, including high phone bills during the quarantine. Many people can’t afford the high cost of phones and data plans. Dingtone provides the solution to cut expenses while staying connected with important contacts.

The high bill of phone calls caused other problems as well. An even more difficult situation for those affected people is that the price of mobile plans becomes an obstacle to job searching when they are struggling to pay rent and other regular costs. With Dingtone app, users can call and find the opportunity to restart employment when the phone is out of service or lack of cell minutes.

“We aim to provide high-quality calling and easy-to-use texting services for free or at very low cost,” said a senior spokesperson of Dingtone. “The inevitable lockdown caused loss and difficult time for many people. We are delighted to help and be supportive of all our users. We regard the raise of subscription as a recognization for Dingtone’s high-performance and cheap VoIP services, which we will continue to strive for excellence. ”

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