Modular Elevator Manufacturing Doubles Factory Space

Modular Elevator Manufacturing is the leading manufacturer of modular elevators and have doubled their factory capacity due to a huge increase in sales.

Los Angeles, CA, July 23, 2020 --( Modular Elevator Manufacturing (MEM) has now doubled its production facility. This is in response to increased sales growth, the effort to promote and market the high-quality commercial modular elevator product nationwide in the beginning of 2020. MEM elevators are now scheduled to ship from the Los Angeles based company to as far away as New York City and projects are being considered at all points in between.

The growth in the modular elevator market despite the Covid-19 outbreak is due to several factors. The lead one being that modular elevators set in less than a day and are started up in less than a week in most cases. This means there are fewer people coming and going from the construction jobsite. This contrasts with the old way elevators have been built in the past requiring a steady stream of workers.

With conventional elevators, a hoistway is constructed first, and then all the components are shipped to the jobsite. This can be a painstaking and dangerous process, with elevator components installed one piece at a time. Modular elevators are a tough, steel hoistway with the elevator components already installed in a controlled environment. They arrive at the project location, are craned into place, and then started up when power is available.

This makes the sales process more of an education than a high-pressure sales pitch according to Vice President of Sales, Hugo Beltran. He said, “The product is perfect for the times in which we are living, they are high-quality commercial elevators set and started up faster than conventional elevators. This means fewer people at the jobsite. That makes modular elevators from MEM greener, safer and smarter.”

He went on to say that education on the benefits is the real task that is made easier due to the competitive pricing. “We are being selected as the elevator solution by our clients because the investment in this better manufactured, higher quality product is in line with general elevator pricing and the hoistway is included.”

At the newly enlarged production facility MEM produces elevators from simple ADA compliant models to freight elevators. They are routinely sold in several types of buildings including educational, hospitality, healthcare, multi-family, commercial, storage and parking structures. For more information on MEM go to at
Modular Elevator Manufacturing
Russ Ward