Ventura Artists’ Union Member Audra Lucas Featured in 805 Living

Ventura, CA, July 24, 2020 --( “Times are tough,” writes 805 Living magazine’s Joan Tapper, “but artists will be artists.” The statement speaks to the unstoppable force of art, and is the opening sentence from the publication’s recent feature titled Creativity Unbound. The article highlights nine local artists as their work responds directly and indirectly to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Audra Lucas, a member of the Ventura Artists’ Union, is included in the article with her art piece “Don’t Tell Me What To Do.”

805 Living saw Audra’s art on Instagram as it was being featured in a virtual exhibition hosted by the VAU. She created the work in April of 2020 during the first wave of the pandemic shutdown. It is a contemporary work of mixed media collage with a pop-surreal edge.

“Inspiration for this piece came from listening to the news at my kitchen table while talking to my teenage daughter,” says Lucas. “Oftentimes we ignore the truths that are hidden in reality and follow the path we are told to. This is my frustration with the mass media and the system of conformity. Don’t Tell Me What To Do is about confronting the lies and propaganda and making wise decisions while standing tall."

In the chaos of 2020, it’s hard for most of us to find a balance between individual expression and group solidarity. That is why features like Creativity Unbound are so important. They give artists like Audra Lucas a platform to express and inspire in these trying times. As we all struggle with what to do next in this world of chaotic changes, it's artists that provide a lens for looking into the unknown.

Audra Lucas is a feminist artist who lives in Ventura, CA. Her work, from canvas to photography to performance art, is motivated by freedom from false reality. Breaking away from patriarchal and white supremacist structures of oppression are recurring themes. She attended Brooks Institute of photography and is currently working from her home studio at the WAV.
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