Inventor Creates a Sustainable Long-Term Solution for Grocery Cart Sanitation with the Arch Cart Sanitizer

A team of inventors created an automated solution to grocery cart sanitation. Their focus is to eliminate the grocery cart wipes that end up in landfills each year. They took what they feel are some of the best technologies in other industries and incorporated them into the "Arch," an automated solution that uses less than 1.7 GPH of costly chemicals. The Arch is made of recycled materials, with American made products, and water-based sanitizer diluted on site.

Tampa, FL, July 28, 2020 --( The grocery industry alone is projected to spend $150 million in one-time-use grocery sanitizing wipes. With disposable wipes generating 7.6 Billion lbs. of garbage each year. The team at Arch Cart sanitizer has set out to solve this problem. They are focused on sustainable sanitation solutions for grocery cart cleaning, introducing the "Arch" and automated electrostatic grocery cart sanitizing machine. Engineering with performance and environment in mind.

Arch Cart Sanitizer
Adam Labadie