Prism Digital Wins the Digital Marketing Contract for Vitane Pharma - A Leading USA Based Nutraceutical

Leading Digital Marketing Agency in the UAE, wins the Digital Marketing Mandate for Viante Pharma, a leading USA based Nutraceutical Company.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, July 28, 2020 --( Prism Digital, a leading digital marketing agency in Dubai has won the digital marketing services mandate for Vitane Pharma, the leading USA based Nutraceutical brand in the amongst a region-wide multi-agency pitch.

Prism Digital, a leading performance marketing agency in the Middle East, will be using Al- Powered Bi-Lingual Voice, Video, and Search Marketing Campaign to garner sales and drive consumers to buy Vitane Pharma products from online e-commerce stores like and as well as drive sales in all pharmacies around the UAE.

Being one of the best digital marketing agencies in the middle east for over 15 years, and building on its formidable reputation as a leading PR and Pharmaceutical Marketing Agency to more than 20 pharma companies in the middle east and India for the last 20 years Prism Digital will be also organizing the Virtual Media Conference to announce the new suite of nutraceutical supplements designed to boost a person's immunity to viral diseases.

Speaking about the impending launch, Ms. Afrin, Operations Manager Vitane Pharma, commented, "We are looking forward to the launch of these supplements which boosts your immunity and increase general wellness reducing your susceptibility to the virus. The Vitane brand enjoys very strong loyalty from its customers in the Middle East, and our other products have a very strong market share in their respective categories."

"We are fully confident that Prism will be able to market our products and supplements effectively using extensive digital marketing techniques to our target audiences, as we have already worked with the Prism in the past for several product launches in the Middle East and they are experts in Digital Marketing for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry," she added.

Elaborating on the partnership between Vitane Pharma and Prism Digital, Dr. Khalid Hussain, Managing Director, Peace World Group, the parent company of Vitane Pharma commented, "Prism was a natural choice due to our past relationships with the agency. They understand our brand and our target market. They will now be focussing on creating a brand awareness campaign to improve the recall of the product and encourage POS purchase at all pharmacies across the UAE and the Middle East. Their insightful understanding of the present-day UAE's digital landscape and efforts on delivering the best to clients is a great fit as we collectively aim to achieve scale and growth."

Commenting on winning the account, Mr. Lovetto Nazareth, Managing Director of Prism Digital, "Vitane Pharma is a worldwide powerhouse brand in the world of nutraceuticals. We are using very innovative marketing strategies including Google Search Voice Search Strategies and Video search to pre-empt questions and guide the search queries on natural remedies for corona virus-related queries and using google location-driven local marketing to drive them to pharmacies to buy the product directly instore. We hope to create another Google case study with this project."

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