A New Asthma Treatment Introduced by Russian Scientists

A new asthma treatment without medication has recently been announced and claimed effective by a group of Russian researchers from Dinamika company (www.intellectbreathing.com) who have found and tested it, and are now ready to introduce the invention to the world market. The treatment implies learning particular respiratory patterns through practising breathing exercises with Frolov's ® Respiration Training Device.

Novosibirsk, Russia, April 23, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Novosibirsk, Russia -- Contemporary asthma treatment can be different according to the severity of asthma symptoms in each patient. There are three main types of treatment: medication, desensitization (when the body gradually adapts to the allergen) and respiratory exercises, which are known as Buteyko therapy.

"We have invented a device, which is a step forward in respiratory therapy; we have inherited and developed the findings of a well known Russian scientist Buteyko, and believe that our device can help thousands of asthma patients around the world to alleviate the symptoms of the disease," says Sergey Zinatulin, the leading respiratory specialist at Dinamika company.

The idea behind the effectiveness of Frolov's Respiration Training Device is that its application restores the healthy state of lungs by stabilising proper ventilation and gaseous exchange in the body. Bronchial asthma patients have such problems with lungs due to the bronchial spasms, which result in shortness of breath and exhaustion of respiratory muscles.

During the respiratory training with Frolov's Device patients learn to exhale longer into the tube of the device, having to cope with water resistance at the other end of the tube. Water level can be adjusted, thus every patient can have individual therapy plan. Such breathing with resistance trains and strengthens the respiratory muscles, improving bronchial function. That has a good stimulating effect on the immune system and leads to healthy lung ventilation and a decrease in allergic and inflammatory processes in asthma patients.

The exercises may seem rather easy, but Dinamika specialists assure that proper application of the technique can improve patients' breathing patterns, and that in about 2-3 months the patients witness a significant reduction or complete elimination of asthma attack instances.

The device can not be used as an immediate relief to stop an asthma attack. "However, Frolov's device is designed to benefit asthma sufferers in the long term, by stabilizing their breathing and relieving shortness of breath and other asthma symptoms,"said Tatyana Frolova, respiratory specialist at Dinamika company.

Still, there are some people who remain doubtful about the application of respiratory techniques for asthma treatment. "Indeed it is hard to believe, that after many years of taking medication, a person can significantly improve his condition by simply exercising with a relatively inexpensive and simple plastic device," Dmitry Kiselev, the commercial director at Dinamika, quoted a common opinion. "However," he said, "it is not only the device itself that we offer to the patients, but it is the entire respiratory technique that can be learned on the application of the device."

Leonid Ladowski, 47 year old former asthmatic who believed he had overcome asthma with Frolov's Respiration Training Device said that he was very skeptical when he first learned of Frolov's. "I had never heard about such asthma treatment before, and it did not seem efficacious to me. However my daughter bought it for my birthday because I suffered acute asthma and we were constantly looking for effective remedies. Since I had it, I started exercising, and soon found my chest pain diminishing. Then I noticed that I had fewer other asthma symptoms, and now I have not had an attack for more than a year and a half, despite having suffered for 29 years."

"I have to admit that some people do not benefit from the device, that is because although exercising may seem simple, it also requires consistency; a person needs to devote 20 minutes a day for the training, which requires perseverance because the effect is not immediate. Just as you need to be consistent when going to the gym to strengthen your muscles, you need to be consistent in working with Frolov's device to improve your lung function and breathing patterns. No significant improvements can be attained without regularity," said Katerina Makovskaya, a volunteer from a respiratory group in Russia that aims to educate more people about the technique.

The Company invested in research about the device and actually finished with clinical trials several years ago. "However, we were not ready to go international at that time because we did not know whether the patients abroad would approve a device that was based on a completely new principle. That is why we launched the device in Russia first, and it proved such a tremendous success that now we are going global. Over several years of marketing Frolov's in Russia, we have already sold 2,500,000 devices to Russian consumers," said Dmitry Kiselev, the commercial director of Dinamika company.

The device is yet to be evaluated by western consumers. The Russian scientists believe that their form of asthma treatment is a scientific breakthrough that is both safe and efficient. It is certainly opening up another era of treating asthma, bronchitis, hypertension, hypoxia, asphyxia, suffocation, short breath and other respiratory related diseases.

For additional information about the new asthma treatment, including video films and manuals, visit www.intellectbreathing.com. Free medical advice on the use of the device and on the related respiratory matters is also available online.

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