CarExamer Announces Free Used Car Checklist

CarExamer Announces Free Used Car Checklist
London, United Kingdom, July 27, 2020 --( - Vehicle Inspection Experts CarExamer Release Completely Free-to-use Car Buying Checklist

- CarExamer Release 18-Point Free Vehicle Checklist

- Available with no registration or card details necessary

With one in six people buying used cars every single year, CarExamer have released a completely free-to-use vehicle inspection checklist to identify issues before they happen and help reduce the number of newly purchased car faults.

As an industry-leading vehicle inspection service with years of experience in the automotive industry, CarExamer have released a comprehensive 18-point checklist designed to take action against undeclared vehicle issues, faults and safety issues in vehicle purchases.

Categories include:

Features to look out for
How to Test a Vehicle
Background information to check

The checklist is completely free without registration for both download and online use and it can be accessed permanently from the website.

What Buyers Need To Know before going to view the car and questions to ask the seller

Two car keys (one key = £180 potential expense)
Service history
Invoices history backing repair history
Last service date (full service = £200 potential expense)
Timing belt replacement date (£380-£600 potential expense)
Owner's manual

Car History Data information will get buyers:

Recall history
Mot History
Insurance write-off history
Mileage discrepancy
Finance history
Stolen record

Check List - Buyers need to identify any signs of issues or potential problems in the future

Road Test

Cold engine start/restart
Hot engine start/restart
Any Noises/vibrations
Gear selection
Clutch operation
Brake operation
Handbrake operation
A/C operation
Heater operation/hot and cold and controls
Engine temperature
Cooling fan operation
Warning lights - air bag, abs, battery light, all dashboard lights on ignition on have to come on when engine started have to come off.

Under bonnet checks

Water/Oil/Coolant/brake fluid - Condition and leaks
Auxiliary belt condition
Battery condition
Charging system

External and Electrical

Glass/Mirrors/Body work
Exterior lights
Interior lights
Electrical controls/switches
Interior wear and tear
Both key operation in door locks

Wheels and Tyres

Condition checks (1.6mm UK legal limit)
Spare wheel
Tool kit/jack
Locking nut


Front disc and pads
Rear disc and pads
Drums and shoes would not be visible (check for handbrake efficiency-or any squeak noise when applying break and handbrake)

Underside checks

Exhaust system
Drive shafts/CV boots
Oils leaks

About CarExamer:
CarExamer is a UK and worldwide inspection service dedicated to being a budget-friendly way to take the uncertainty out of car buying to promote clarity, safety and customer satisfaction above all else. With a huge range of experience and a true passion for cars, CarExamer, led by Klavs Simkus, make the whole car purchasing experience as easy and smooth as possible.

Klavs Simkus