The Noise Revival Orchestra Releases Best of Album

Austin, TX, July 30, 2020 --( Austin born music collective, The Noise Revival Orchestra, are set to release a collection of songs that were recorded during their 14 years as a band. The album titled “Best of (2007-2013)” will be released and available to stream and download worldwide on all digital platforms on Thursday July 30.

What began as a 4-piece indie rock band in 2004, evolved into a 13-piece experimental orchestral project by 2006, got the attention of MTVU, films and TV ads and ballooned to a 25 piece collective by 2010. Songs on this compilation, “Best of (2007-2013)” show the band's versatility and complexity in their ever-changing sound. TNRO’s early recordings were tracked in their home studio but they later went on to work with local producers such as Erik Wofford of Cacophony Recorders and Danny Reisch of Good Danny’s.

The Noise Revival Orchestra was led by now classical composer, Nathan Felix who started the band with his brother and two best friends from highschool. They toured throughout the United States for two years and eventually signed and released a live album with Indirect Records. Felix yearned for an orchestral sound after attending a performance of John Corgliano’s Circus Maximus at Bass Concert Hall. Via Craigslist, Felix found a dozen musicians who came together to create an avant-garde melding of indie rock and classical music. The group was featured on MTVU, various blogs and commercials but soon disbanded as Felix delved into classical composition with the release of his first symphony in 2013. Soon after, The Noise Revival Orchestra was offered an opportunity to tour throughout Asia, so Felix put together a stripped down rock version of the group and subsequently spent three years performing at sold out clubs and festivals in China, Taiwan and Japan. The group is believed to have had over 100 different members throughout its history and this album seeks to commemorate those musicians who brought the band to life.

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Who: The Noise Revival Orchestra
What: The Noise Revival Orchestra release “Best of (2007-2013)”
When: Thursday July 30
Where: World Wide on all digital platforms (i.e. Spotify, iTunes, etc)

About The Noise Revival Orchestra:
The Noise Revival Orchestra was a unique 13-17 piece musical collaborative in Austin, Texas from 2004 to 2017. They drew inspiration from modern classical music and combined it with indie pop sensibilities. TNRO successfully toured the United States, Europe and Asia in it’s 14-year history before band leader, Nathan Felix, left to compose classical music and opera full time.
Composer, Nathan Felix
Nathan Felix