Intelligent Commerce Solution iCXP Launched by Valuebound

New York, NY, July 31, 2020 --( Valuebound announced the launch of their iCXP (intelligent ecommerce Platform), built for Enterprises looking to add ecommerce to their business. iCXP platform boasts of features like AI led personalization engine for customer journey, integrated with leading payment gateway, omnichannel and secure for every transaction.

Intelligent ecommerce solution iCXP is enterprise focused, tested for concurrency of over 5,000 users, can manage API based simultaneous data update from a multitude of platforms. The Solution promises seamless omni-channel experience to end customers through their fully decoupled architecture, and much faster payment process, leading to minimal customer dropout in the process. Valuebound has expertise in developing commerce solutions for domains like Semiconductor, Real Estate, Retail across Europe, APAC and North Americas.

“We have worked with enterprise customers for more than 6 years, These engagements with the stakeholders of commerce teams across firms have made us understand their key pain points. iCXP solves those challenges making the entire transaction process as seamless and as intuitive as possible,” Said Sujit Kumar, VP Valuebound. “The platform is so robust that our clients have faced zero down time since the inception of the platform, and have been able to get upto 70% of cost saving in maintaining the platform.”

In the current scenario, when security is of paramount importance, iCXP promises a completely secure platform across channels throughout the entire payment process. iCXP also helps businesses slice and dice the transactions by providing custom dashboards, integrated with your marketing tools or supply chain solutions.

Valuebound delivers Enterprise Digital Experience Platform to transform your business into a digitally native, future-focused organization. Our solutions help brands in better customer engagement, enhanced brand loyalty, driving more demand. We provide strategic consulting, development and managed support.
Sujit Kumar