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Attorney Daniel Vaswani discusses the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the US prison systems and the potential consequences. Mr. Vaswani is the owner of Red Metric Law, a California based criminal defense law firm that specializes in DUI cases.

Oakland, CA, August 01, 2020 --( Coronavirus (COVID-19) has become a serious issue within prisons. As everyone knows, the CDC recommends wearing masks when in public and especially while around others. Furthermore, they recommend maintaining six feet of social distancing. However, since prisoners are kept in infrastructure that causes them to be very close to one another and due to the scarcity of masks for prisoners, they are spreading the virus at an alarming rate. Mr. Vaswani remains skeptical if it is even possible to stop the spread within these prisons.

"As one can imagine, if an individual cannot maintain six feet of social distancing or have adequate access to masks and the materials necessary to keep their hands clean and keep things around them clean - it's impossible to stop it from spreading," said Mr. Vaswani.

He also urges us to remember prison guards must go in and out of the facilities and be in close contact with inmates. Furthermore, visitors are consistently going in and out of the facilities as well.

Mr. Vaswani does propose a potential remedy for this issue which would be to decrease the amount of inmates in jails and prisons. In order to do this, those that are not violent criminals would have to be released on probation.

"The fact we're not dealing with this issue is going to cause more and more people to die. Think about what position someone is going to be in if they are sent to jail. I am fighting vehemently for my clients, making sure the ones in custody are finding some way out," said Mr. Vaswani.

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