Presenting: #DylanStrong

A Charity Sale of Custom Eye Patches Supporting Dylan Schwartz and the Children’s Eye Foundation

Wayne, NJ, August 01, 2020 --( Dylan Schwartz, born on the 13th of July, 2020, was born with a rare eye disorder resulting in a right eye cataract that affects just 3 in 10,000 newborns each year. At just six weeks of age, Dylan will be undergoing cataract removal surgery at the end of August by New York University’s world-class pediatric ophthalmology team. He will subsequently receive four to five years of therapy to train his eyes. As a way to rally the world behind their son and raise money for a charity close to their hearts doing invaluable work, Dylan’s parents, Brian and Jennifer Schwartz, have started a charity campaign selling custom-made eye patches. The unique eye patch inspired by The Avengers and The Goonies was designed by the Schwartzes in the hopes of creating a fun way to normalize eye patches for their son, who will be sporting one for years to come. The patch will occlude alternating eyes one at a time to strengthen both eyes, maximizing vision.

“Dylan is starting his life with an unusual challenge and has a long road ahead of him. It is our hope that #DylanStrong will gain traction so that our son can see that wearing an eye patch can be fun and cool instead of embarrassing,” explained Mr. Schwartz, who was laid off of his insurance job months ago due to the Coronavirus pandemic. To help others during these difficult times, especially the elderly and underprivileged in and around his community, he decided to pay it forward and started a free lawn mowing service. Schwartz continued, “We have been overwhelmed by the initial response to our son’s cause from family, friends and people from our past and all walks of life stepping up to buy eye patches and support Dylan, our family and our cause.”

Twenty percent of the proceeds of each eye patch sale goes directly to the nonprofit organization, Children’s Eye Foundation, whose mission is to “end preventable vision loss in children.” Remaining funds cover the cost of goods, packaging, shipping and baby formula.

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