This Graphic Novel by Becca Hillburn Combines Traditional Picture Book Illustration with Sequential Storytelling

Given the popularity of children’s books during COVID-19, this graphic novel stands out for its traditional children’s book aesthetic. 7” Kara Vol. 2 is currently live on Kickstarter and is one of only a handful of watercolor comics to appear on it. Its lavish style evokes classic children’s books.

Luling, LA, August 01, 2020 --( The majority of middle-grade comics are illustrated digitally now. There’s only been a handful of comics on Kickstarter that were made using traditional art techniques, even fewer that use watercolor.

“When I started 7” Kara, comics were still this no man's land in children's literature libraries carried Calvin and Hobbes and Peanuts if you were lucky. I wanted to create something that combined all the best aspects of comics, with the beauty of children's books. Watercolor was a great way to accomplish that.” -Becca Hillburn

Becca Hillburn is a comic artist, illustrator, and part-time comics educator. She was born and raised in Louisiana, so a positive representation of her home is important to her. She believes in inspiring the next generation of artists through teaching and comics. So she's used her passion for comics to create resources to help those learning the craft and to create her watercolor comic series, 7” Kara.

In 7” Kara Volume 2, Kara and Naomi begin a tentative and unusual friendship over shared loneliness and a fondness for playful black kittens. Despite their differences, the two girls bond over art supplies, cups of tea, and comic books. But life isn’t all tea parties and glitter—Kara’s parents are preparing to move out into the wilderness, and Kara isn’t ready to give up the only life she’s ever known.

"This charming story should be read anytime, but I'd recommend it especially on a warm summer night with fireflies, crickets, and family." -Jerzy Drozd, co-author of Science Comics: Rockets

If you enjoy charming tales of friendship, complex family dynamics, and have ever wondered what it’d be like to ride a kitten, get your copy of 7” Kara Vol. 2 on Kickstarter:

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