Adoptions From The Heart’s "AFTHtv" Dedicates Season 6 to Black Voices in Adoption

Wynnewood, PA, August 05, 2020 --( This summer AFTHtv is dedicating its entire sixth season to serve as a program giving Black voices within the adoption triad (adoptive parents, birth parents, adoptees) the platform to discuss racial matters and adoption in today’s society. New episodes air on the nonprofit’s official Facebook page and YouTube channel every Tuesday. Social workers and adoption counselors in the domestic adoption world have a critical responsibility to educate prospective adoptive parents on everything to know about adopting a child transracially. It is important for social workers to offer black birth parents and black adoptive parents the chance to be mentors to transracial adoptive parents about black history and culture.

A few of the episode that have aired thus far are “Being Colorblind is NOT the answer,” “Talking About Race with Our Children,” and “Stereotypes About Adoption in the Black Community.” The first three episodes aired include a group of three Black birth parents who welcomed the opportunity to meet with three white adoptive parents who have adopted transracially and are raising Black children.

Kristy Hartley-Galbraith, AFTH’s Director of Marketing and Communications and AFTHtv Director & Producer explains why this is such an important season.

“As the Director and Producer of AFTHtv and more importantly as a parent through transracial adoption, with the current climate of racial justice in the U.S. it was important that we switch gears from our initial plans for this season and instead focus on highlighting Black voices in adoption. From its inception, AFTHtv has been a platform to lift often unheard voices in the world of adoption. This season we are honored to have Black birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees speak on a variety of topics related to race and adoption. There is so much more discussion to be had than can be covered in just one season however our hope is that the episodes will lead to larger discussions continuing to be had long after this season wraps,” said Hartley-Galbraith.

Samai Nalley is a Black birth father who placed his newborn son for adoption with AFTH in 2014. Nalley recently expressed his appreciation to take part in a healthy dialogue where all parties were straightforward with their thoughts and questions regarding racial matters in today’s social climate.

“I'm very appreciative to have had the opportunity to speak with each and everyone. I thank you all for your open mindedness and willingness to hear us out and even seek out the information. I hope to speak with you all soon,” said Nalley.

SeAyra Greene is a mother of two, a daughter whom she is parenting, and a son she placed for adoption as a newborn in 2016. Through open adoption Greene has a relationship with her son and maintain the conversation with his adoptive parents about their racial culture and family history. Greene immediately welcomed the opportunity to talk about her experience growing up and living as a black woman in America to a larger audience through the AFTHtv program.

“I loved that I had a place to speak and I was actually being listened to. Some tough questions were asked and the answers that were given were so wonderfully received. I am so glad that we were given this opportunity to speak and I hope that this starts the spark needed to have these conversations,” said Greene.

On future episodes this season, AFTHtv will feature the voices of Black adoptees and adoptive parents as well as birth parents and birth grandparents to continue highlighting different perspectives of Black voices in adoption.

About Adoptions From The Heart:
Adoptions From The Heart (AFTH) was founded in 1985 by Maxine Chalker, social worker and fellow adoptee. Like many children born and placed for adoption during the 1950s, Maxine grew up with little information about her birth parents. It was Maxine’s dream to give adoption a new face by breaking down the barriers and taking some of the mystery out of the adoption process. AFTH is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide a safe, loving home for children and offer comprehensive, high-quality services to adoptive families, birth parents, and children. The agency is licensed in PA, NJ, DE, CT, VA, and NY.
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